An understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy is absolutely fundamental for yoga teachers. 

When you’re teaching people how to move, it’s non-negotiable that you have a framework of understanding about how the body moves.

Angela Jervis-Read will take us on a deep dive, including a refresher of the muscles of the hips, shoulders and spine covered (hopefully!) on your 200 hour qualification, before using this information to dissect some complicated peak positions, and how to build a sequence which supports the anatomical requirements of said pose, and gets your yoga students there safely and confidently.

This module really focuses on the uniqueness of each person’s body, but how to still use averages to teach safely, whilst ensuring all are welcome in your classes.

Finally, this module will weave yoga philosophy in to your peak pose sequences; reminding us of the important roots of yoga.

This module can be attended as part of our 300 hour course, or on its own.


This program is delivered over five months; May to September and will count for up to 75 hours of continuing education. We have five complex asanas to use as our focus for anatomy and sequencing. Over the five months working together; these asanas and their variations will serve as benchmarks on which to evaluate our anatomical understanding, sequencing methodology and our own personal asana practice.

This unique course delivers both a focus on you and expanding your individual practice, whilst also honing your teaching skills to encourage your students to break out of their comfort zone, avoiding any negative effects if the student doesn’t reach the ‘goal’ asana. 

This program will explore:

  1. Headstand and variations 
  2. Forearm Balances – from peacock feather to scorpion
  3. Handstand – including pressing to handstand 
  4. Grasshopper
  5. Peacock

You will find that many people take workshops to learn how to do these fascinating and challenging positions. In these well-meaning workshops, you’ll learn all kinds of exercises that will help you to develop strength and flexibility to do the pose but as you all know, this takes time. At the end of the workshop; you’re no closer to mastering the position. The work to build the strength and the flexibility lies ahead. 

This program functions within a community of serious practitioners who will hold each other accountable by showing up and working together. We can inspire each other with our week to week progress and cheer each other on as we get closer and closer to our goals. 

Block one – Getting going!

25 hours

Held live, online

Afternoons of 18th – 23rd May

Block one – Getting going!

This first block of our course is all about setting the scene and reviewing anatomy and sequencing. Our anatomy review will include key muscles of the shoulders, hips and spine, which we’ll use immediately for applied anatomy; breaking down the anatomical structure of each position. Each day we’ll dissect and analyse the mechanics of a pose; what needs to be strong and active, and what needs to release. This is a very practical way for teachers to review and apply anatomical knowledge and to bring it life within the context of āsana.

This first block will be, live, online, 1:00 – 5:00 GMT to allow yoga teachers to best work around their schedules. We’ll start with a daily sadhana of advanced pranayam and bandha, before lectures on the muscular skeletal system and applied anatomy. 

This anatomical study will be followed by an exploration in to yoga philosophy as it applies to that pose. We will apply scripture to the essence, or history of the pose to ensure you have a tool kit of philosophical lessons that you could layer into your class as you explore this shape.

Each day will end with 30 minutes of seated meditation or yoga nidra. 

Block two – The Interim

25 hours of complimentary yoga conditioning and yin

16 hours are live, online. The remainder are pre-recorded, for you to watch as many times as you wish.

Distributed over four months, to allow you to fit it into your (already busy) life!

Sthirham Sukham Asanam – “Exploring asana with steadiness and ease”

Once a month we meet for a three hour deep dive, which will include:

  • Vinyasa sequence, for you to repeat regularly in your own time
  • Strength and flexibility conditioning, again, for you to repeat regularly in your own time
  • Community check-in
  • Q & A

The recordings of the vinyasa class and the conditioning will be sent to you to follow for the next four weeks; until the next meeting. Our motivational Facebook Group will be somewhere for any questions, as well as somewhere for you to post your progress from week to week (if you wish!). The love and encouragement from your fellow yogis as well as Angela & Holly, will keep you on your mat and take you closer and closer to your goals.

This program is really a personal growth programme and a teacher training rolled in to one! 

Block three – The Finale!

25 hours

Held in person, at Yoga Hero, Leeds, UK


“The patient who takes medicine can cure herself, but not even an expert doctor has the capacity to take medicine on behalf of the patient. The patient has to take the medicine herself.”

~Vivek Chudamani

In September we will meet again – in person, at Yoga Hero! We’ll spend half days together applying everything that we’ve learnt in person; spotting each other in these positions and learning how to offer adjustments and verbal cuing to take your knowledge from your own mat to the studio setting.  

Each day will start with a daily sadhana, including meditation, pranayama and bandha practice. Angela will lead a dynamic vinyasa class that takes you to the peak pose that we will explore in detail later that day. 

Deep dives into sequencing methodology will follow each class; giving you opportunity the to apply your unique personality and teaching style to sequences leading to these complicated asanas and their variations, and the confidence to apply your learnings to your taught classes straight away.

Finally, learning to layer philosophy into your already dynamic classes, heightens the vibratory quality of your teachings. The wisdom of the ages will resonate in your students hearts long after the practice is over. 

Together, we will explore an aspect of yoga scripture that you could draw upon to build a theme that supports or illuminates the posture you are working towards. 

Expect to leave this program with classes steeped in yoga philosophy and sequences that get you were you want to go safely and effectively.