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Amy Bolland

Reiki Practitioner


A bit about Reiki & Seichem Energy Healing:

Reiki is the Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’ and is the Yang of energy healing. Where Reiki is the Yang, Seichem is the Yin. Seichem energy healing originates from Sudan and used together these two practices offer a strong and powerful force for energy healing. This treatment is a warm, comfy, hands on treatment that lasts around 40minutes.

You will be asked to lie down, fully clothed and will be wrapped up nice and warm in a comfy, relaxing environment. Use of essential oils and crystals may be in your treatment depending on what your body needs. A practitioner will then work down your front and back body touching where necessary in order to tab into your energy and flow the healing Reiki in.

Reiki can be enjoyed be everyone and can be used alongside other complementary therapies and conventional medicines. Benefits of Reiki include, promoting relaxation and a calm, balanced mind and emotions, it can aid physical healing in the body and speed up this process, reduce blood pressure and release energy blockages resulting in increased energy levels, stress reduction and clear focus.

Please consult your doctor before having a Reiki treatment and do not come off any medication you have been prescribed.


About Amy:

Amy Bolland (Bee Wellness) is a Reiki Practitioner based in Leeds, her sessions are bespoke and designed around your needs.

She creates sacred, peaceful and safe spaces wherever she goes and uses crystals, palo santo and essential oils to enhance your experiences.

Amy trained in 2018, with her wonderful teacher who has been practicing for over 20 years. Amy says;

‘I started practicing Reiki due to a deep desire to share the amazing benefits and healing experiences that helped to change my life and calm my anxiety. If I can help even one person, in the same way I have been helped I am happy.’

In her personal life, Amy enjoys yoga, reading, her little balcony jungle and spending time with her beautiful family.



My Price is £35 a treatment.

Reiki treatments last around 55minutes with the Reiki session being 40mins and a 15 minute consultation time.


Available times for booking:

Thursday Evenings from 6pm.

Friday Evenings from 4pm.

Weekends & Bank Holidays 8am – 5pm.