Eve Machin

Yoga Instructor

I am a Leeds based Yoga teacher, and also work as part of the Yoga Hero Team. I love to travel, cook and spend time with my lovely cat!

My journey to yoga started following a difficult life experience. Having found yoga helpful both mentally and physically during this time I haven’t looked back and now yoga is an integral part of my life. 

What initially attracted me to yoga and asana was the discipline required – I’m a former gymnast and so I thrive off following specific routined sequencing! I initially started practicing Ashtanga yoga and the practice stuck from there. 

For me, my yoga practice became so much more to me over this time. I found yoga was a way to rehabilitate a shoulder problem, build stamina, strength, flexibility, and found that it did wonders for my mental health too. I also found that the more types of yoga I practiced, in particular Vinyasa and Yin yoga, the more I was able to create a rounded practice which benefited both my body and my mind. 

After having a dedicated practice for 4 years, I decided to undertake a 50h Yin Yoga training at YogaMe in Prague to develop my practice further. I found this training so important to my own development and learning, and discovered my love for sharing the practice with others. Shortly after completion I embarked on a 200h Vinyasa teacher training in at Yoga Hero Leeds. I am grateful to my mentor and teacher Angela Jervis-Read (ERYT 500) who I studied under for both of these qualifications.

Eve offers both online and studio 1:1 sessions in:

Any level Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Experienced sessions and so on – and is happy to take it at the students pace.

My classes are dynamic and playful – helping you have fun, challenge yourself and find confidence in your movement. I encourage my students to find meditation in movement, connecting with their own bodies, breath and strength. My aim is for my students to come out my classes know they are stronger mentally and physically than they may have believed! 

I offer classes in-person and online through Yoga Hero. I teach: Vinyasa, Power Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Experienced Level Classes. I LOVE teaching workshops with a focus on making arm balances and some of the more complicated asana more accessible!


£50 for an hour

Book a Private Yoga Session with Eve

Please specify what you’re hoping to get out of the session, whether you have any injuries, whether you have had any previous experience of yoga and roughly when you would like to have the sessions.