6 Weeks to Handstand

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07 May

6 Weeks to Handstand

7th May 2019 @ 18:15 - 19:30
£10 - £50

6 Weeks to Handstand


Ever wanted to learn how to handstand but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have tried to go upside down but can’t seem to find consistency?  Then come join Taylor for 6 weeks to Handstand!


Whether you are just starting to explore the idea of going upside down or are wanting to advance your inversion practice, this course is for you! This 6 week course will give you all the tools and techniques to build a foundation for a consistent handstand practice. Join Taylor to learn how to move past any fears of going upside down and find a solid base of how to practice handstands safely and efficiently. This course is aimed to give you the confidence you need to advance your inversion practice through weekly guidance and instruction.


Each session will begin with a basic vinyasa flow to get the body nice and warm, followed by handstand specific drills and conditioning. Each session will be different as we will start with the basics, and each week will further strengthen and stabilise the shoulders, wrists, and core. Every week we will be building upon the previous session, although you may book a one off class as long as you keep this in mind. As we master the fundamentals, we will progress through a variety of mobility and partner drills to find more air time and confidence in going upside down!


We will be covering:

* Wrist health

* Shoulder flexibility and strength

* Hamstring and hip flexibility and strength

* Core strength and the importance of it for inversions

* Conscious falling

* Moving past fear

* Drills & stretches to practice at home


Come get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the process as we have fun going upside down!


Although not necessary, it will be helpful to have some previous vinyasa yoga experience.





  • £50 for the 6 week course
  • £10 per drop-in


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Date: 7th May 2019 @ 18:15 - 19:30
Venue Yoga Hero