Bakasana to Headstand; Falling is the new flying…

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01 Sep

Bakasana to Headstand; Falling is the new flying…

1st September 2019 @ 16:30 - 18:00

Bakasana to Headstand; Falling is the new flying…

Are you a regular practitioner who’s been longing to take the next steps towards flight? Or perhaps you’ve seen Crow pose and Headstands on Instagram and thought they looked pretty cool, but never quite figured out how to get there?

Join Karen and Kirst for a workshop on everyone’s favourite asanas; Bakasana and Headstand. An afternoon of fun, flow, flying and falling as we cover essential alignment and key drills to help you approach, or even perfect, your Bakasana and Headstand. We learn so much through taking a risk, pushing out of our comfort zone and not being afraid to fall!

Starting with Bandhas and Pranayama we’ll harness energy to carry us through the afternoon’s play. With great emphasis on the core and shoulders, we’ll guide you through a warm-up flow to build heat through the body to begin to take steps towards flight.

We’ll finish the session by flipping our perspective (and our bodies) as we break down the steps towards Headstand. Don’t worry we’ll load you up with fancy variations to take away to practice and perfect in private, or for your Instagram account  😉


Come join us for this empowering workshop session! All wobbles welcome whether in confidence or balance. Haven’t you heard? Falling is the new flying…


Perfect for:

Yogis with regular practice who are looking to take steps towards, or even ‘perfect’ their crow and headstand



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Date: 1st September 2019 @ 16:30 - 18:00
Venue Yoga Hero