Period Power || Holistic Self-Care for your Cycle

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07 Feb

Period Power || Holistic Self-Care for your Cycle

February 7 @ 18:00 - 21:00

Period Power || Holistic Self-Care for your Cycle


Join Melanie Hadida (Spice + Green) and Pamela Vargas for a workshop dedicated to taking control of your cycle. Through a combination of flowing yoga and at-home herbal remedies you’ll learn clever ‘period-hacks’ to help you through combat 3 common symptoms of PMD: energy depletion, fluctuations in mood and discomfort.

There are many small and simple steps we can take to gain a better understanding of and control over our symptoms, as well as easing ourselves through a more comfortable cycle.

During this workshop Melanie and Pamela with guide you through a combination of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and Ayurvedic herb and spice blending — to create at-home herbal remedies and elixirs to cook and brew with, helping you to feel calmer, revitalised and comfortable.

Beginning with a 90 minute yoga session, Pamela will lead you through a yoga flow of stretches, breathing techniques and restorative poses to help boost energy, improve your mood and deal with discomfort.

Following Pamela’s yoga session, Melanie will brew a calming tea with various seeds, spices and herbs, whilst discussing the benefits and medicinal properties of each ingredient and how they can be used to improve your wellbeing at different times of the month.

You’ll then be encouraged to get hands-on, creating your own tea and spice blends to add extra vitamins, minerals and plant-based medicines to your daily diets.


Come join us for your end-of-the-week ‘Friday fix’ with this inspiring, empowering and lusciously calming 3 hour workshop!


Perfect For:

All women; those seeking knowledge and tools to help ease the transition of the monthly cycle through the combination of yoga and herbal remedies, or those simply wanting to find some peace and tranquility and learn something new!

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* £25 for the workshop


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Date: February 7 @ 18:00 - 21:00
Venue Yoga Hero