Reiki Meditation

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24 Jan

Reiki Meditation

January 24 @ 18:00 - 19:30

Reiki Meditation


Join Amy from Bee Wellness for a deeply relaxing and spiritual, deep dive into Reiki healing meditation.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing therapy that is used by energy healers. Working with the 7 main Chakras, Reiki allows us to tap into these energy centres, removing negative and blocked energies, releasing stored up emotions and promoting healing in your body. When a chakra is blocked or not working to its full potential, this is when we see physical issues arising in our body, by working in these centres we can activate healing and take control of our own healing abilities. Benefits of Reiki include: promoting relaxation and a calm, balanced mind and emotions, it can aid physical healing in the body and speed up this process, reduce blood pressure and release energy blockages resulting in increased energy levels, stress reduction and clear focus.


This 90 minute workshop will begin the second you walk into the room! Amy will have filled the room with Reiki, clearing the space of any unwanted energies and replacing it with wonderful, loving healing vibes.


To begin, a combination of Pranayama (Breathe Work) and Kriya’s (Subtle Body Practices) will be used in order to create a sense of grounding, relaxation and to acquaint you with the energies of the room. You will be shown how to recognise and feel the energy that is right at your fingertips, showing you how powerful and magic you are! We will then enter a guided meditation, a journey through your chakras, starting at the root and running up into the crown, placing your hands at each chakra having the intention to send healing, loving vibes into each. A final Shavasana will include a final Reiki of the room and a brief personal Reiki for all from Amy.


Perfect for:

*  Absolutely anyone, you do not need to be Reiki attuned or have any previous experience of Reiki or meditation.


* £15

* Included in Yoga Hero Membership >


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Date: January 24 @ 18:00 - 19:30
Venue Yoga Hero