Rising Strong: Owning & Overcoming Disappointment & Failure 

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25 Oct

Rising Strong: Owning & Overcoming Disappointment & Failure 

25th October 2019 @ 18:00 - 20:00

Rising Strong: Owning & Overcoming Disappointment & Failure 


Not many of us would choose to experience it but sooner or later most of us do. Disappointment, failure and an inability to move on, it happens to all of us universally.


Those times in your life when you feel vulnerable, you come face-to-face with an inability to control the outcome; when you feel disappointment or failure in not living up to your own or other people’s expectations. 


The more often we put ourselves out there into the world, the more often we are likely to experience it but by finding the wisdom hidden in these difficult moments we set ourselves on a path of transformation; learning about ourselves, learning how we can move forward and most importantly, how we can rise strong from our toughest moments in life.


Drawing from Yogic literature focusing on the energy of Dhumavati, the Shakti Goddess of Letting Go and modern strategies inspired by Vulnerability Expert Brene Brown, Amy and Kate will guide you through this 2 hour workshop which aims to give space to confront those feelings and provide tools to move forward and overcome them.


The evening includes an empowering flow & meditation techniques, an informative discussion on ancient and modern strategies to rise strong and closes with a Yoga Nidra.


Students will leave this class knowing they have everything in themselves to rise strong when life gets tough! 

Perfect for:

*  Yogi’s and non-yogi’s of all levels



*  £25 for the workshop
*  Included in Yoga Hero Membership >


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Date: 25th October 2019 @ 18:00 - 20:00
Venue Yoga Hero