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STUDIO | Breathwork and yoga: understand the breath

11th March 2023 @ 13:30 - 15:00


STUDIO | Breathwork and yoga: understand the breath


Breathwork has become something of a buzzword recently, but the yogis cracked the code centuries ago… In yoga or otherwise, the breath is a powerful and transformative tool. Using the breath we can instantly invite energy and heat into our body, equally we can just as easily bring a sense of calming and grounding energy. And in a physical asana practice, your Ujayi breath really is your North Star.



Join Iain for this 60 minute workshop to explore the breath and all the wonderful things it can do.


We’ll take the time to discuss the breath and how it’s so intrinsically linked with our nervous system, before a bit of movement to open up space then an exploration of some traditional breathing techniques (prānāyama).


Expect to learn how to practice prānāyama safely at home, and to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Perfect for:

*  Perfect for beginners and total first timers!

*  Also great for those looking to deepen their understanding of the breath in Yoga.




* £17.50

* Included in Yoga Hero Membership



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About Iain


“I found Yoga when I started attending lunchtime sessions away from a busy 9-5, during a time when I was struggling with what I now know to be chronic stress and anxiety. I didn’t know what magic was at play, all I knew was that Yoga made my brain be quiet even if just for 45 minutes. Since then, Yoga has been a pivotal tool in dealing with my anxiety and I consider it a genuine privilege to be able to share it with others now as a teacher.

In my classes, you’ll find philosophy weaved in with a solid grounding in anatomy, plus all the cheerleading you may need. Above all else I encourage everyone to move in a way that quite simply feels good to them at that moment. Whether it’s a fiery flow or a grounding Yin practice, my job is to help people feel at home on the mat. To explore, be curious, connect to themselves and find a sense of pride – all the while knowing I’m there to support as much or as little as needed.

I’m a self-confessed yoga nerd and I truly believe this powerful practice has the capacity to change lives.“





11th March 2023
13:30 - 15:00
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