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STUDIO | Santosha: Cultivating Acceptance With Your Fatigue

6th November 2022 @ 17:00 - 18:30


STUDIO | Santosha: Cultivating Acceptance With Your Fatigue


In a world of endless should’s, would’s, could’s and want’s, feeling fatigued often comes with resentment and frustration, as many feel it limits their experience of life. Your fatigue could stem from parts of your life you could change or parts that you can’t but wondering why, or how we can change the way we feel can occupy a space in your mind that could be better utilised on accepting how your body actually feels.


What is Santosha, and how can we use this to accept our feelings of fatigue? Guided by Patajali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga, ‘Niyama’ are 5 internal observations, outlining how to show up internally and therefore externally within the world. One of the Niyamas is ‘Santosha’, translating from Sanskrit to ‘contentment’ and ‘acceptance’, which we are using in this workshop to focus on how to cultivate acceptance, contentment and gratitude towards the body.


Focusing on feelings of fatigue whilst weaving yoga philosophy into slow and mindful movement, this workshop will start with a guided meditation, followed by the opportunity to learn more about ‘Santosha’. Then, we will each create a ‘Sankalpa’, a heart-felt intention, and work with this to cultivate a space of acknowledgement in our bodies, acceptance of our energy levels, and an honouring of our feelings. Using our intentions, we will work through a slow and restorative flow followed by a restful Yoga Nidra. Lastly, there will be the option to share your experiences in a nurturing environment to end our time together. 



Perfect for:

* Suitable for beginners

* those with limited mobility or fatigue

* those interested in learning more about yoga philosophy

* and/or those wanting to relax & unwind and who would love to spend 90 minutes with themselves in a nourishing and supportive environment.






* £15

* Included in Yoga Hero Membership



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About Kendra


As an advocate of mindful movement, approaching a yoga practice with a slow and accessible manner has become integral to my teaching style, as well as ensuring that I deliver a yoga practice that is accessible to every body type.


My motivation to achieve this stems from my personal suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which contributed to the experience of intense periods of physical and mental illness. Working with this slow and mindful approach to my body has allowed me to live more sustainably within the limitations I face having a chronic illness; and through personal discovery, I find yoga to be the most successful approach to supporting the management of my symptoms.


Along with both the asana (movement) and pranayama (the breath) practice of yoga, the philosophical and spiritual offerings within the tradition have enabled me to build a healthy and positive relationship with my pain, my symptoms and my body. Using these personal experiences to adapt my approach as a teacher, I am deeply committed to encouraging people to create respectful and accepting relationships with their body.


When we slow down, both the thoughts of the mind and the way we move our body, we create a space to confront our boundaries and limitations – be it physical or mental, and work towards reframing the way we communicate with these restrictions. Sharing this knowledge and providing a space for people to enjoy positive interactions with themselves is at the forefront of my passion and my dedication as a yoga teacher.



6th November 2022
17:00 - 18:30
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