We’ve got your Back! Massage + Movement for Happy Spines

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29 Jun

We’ve got your Back! Massage + Movement for Happy Spines

June 29 @ 10:30 - 13:30

We’ve got your Back!  Massage + Movement for Happy Spines

Dive into the essential anatomy of our spines, learn our tried and tested back massage routine, and an intelligent movement routine perfect for keeping backs healthy or bringing them gently out of pain.

These 3 super focused hours are ideal for anyone wanting to know more about spine health and massage without having to invest in full massage therapist training. Plus you’ll get a massage in the process. Not bad eh!


Workshop Content:

* Get a practical deeper understanding of the functions of our back muscles most commonly used day to day, and why we get stiff and sore.

* Learn about ‘knots’ and trigger points, what they feel like, how they start and why they are perfectly normal!

*Teach you a few spine loving movements and yoga stretches in a short routine that can be performed at home or at work.

* Work in pairs and learn a simple back massage routine with the aim of being able to deliver this to friends and family or even guide them through how to give you a good massage!

* How to look after your back at home including self massage tips.


This workshop is perfect for:

* Anyone new to yoga or massage


This workshop isn’t suitable for:

* Anyone pregnant or trying.

* Anyone with recent severe spinal injuries

* Anyone with open wounds


GP participation note may be required for anyone with*:
Long term chronic back problems.
* Please message organisers for further information.

You don’t have to bring a participation partner as we will have a demo volunteer and you can work with other people.  You must be okay with touch. Massages will be practiced over sports bras (men, not excluding you there, you’re welcome to wear one too – hehe)! We will have a screen for people to borrow if you wish.

* Please bring with you two medium to large bath towels.


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About Dalia

Dalia has been working as a sports massage therapist for over 5 years. A keen runner, cyclist and all around adventure seeking girl, she is always looking for ways to move better and become stronger. She works with many athletes as well as providing in house massage services to various corporate businesses across Leeds. Through her work Dalia has noticed an increase in people coming to her for back pain and recognises how modern society can play a part in this. In addition, Dalia has suffered herself with back problems in the past and is all to aware of how over consuming it can become.


About Helena
Helena is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Wellbeing Consultant and Speaker. She is passionate about the science of yoga movements as therapy and wellbeing without the fashions and fads. Her approach to yoga is through anatomy and functional movements, connected people with their bodies and movements. Through her own back pain issues for years she has developed a tool kit of movements that she uses to support individuals through one-to-ones and in her work with runners and sports people.


Event Details

Date: June 29 @ 10:30 - 13:30
Venue Yoga Hero