Yin Yoga for Heart Opening

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24 Mar

Yin Yoga for Heart Opening

March 24 @ 13:00 - 14:30

Yin Yoga for Heart Opening

Join us for a Heart Opening Yin Yoga workshop, we will be working on creating space within our chest and upper back. We can often find that the muscles surrounding our chest and upper back can become tight during the colder months and doing everyday activities such as typing at a computer, driving and scrolling on our phones.


Yin yoga uses passive stretching to unpin connective tissue (fascia) adhesion’s and constrictions that are created within the body. Poses are held in a supported form for between three to eight minutes. In Yin yoga we are changing the make up of the physical body with as little action as possible. There is a lot of value in not doing!


The postures we will work through in this workshop will not only provide physical benefits by creating physical space they will also help us move prana (energy) along our meridians (energy channels in the body). We will be working with our superficial front and our front and back arm myofascial lines. These lines correspond to the following traditional Chinese medicine meridians the heart and small intestine meridian and the stomach and spleen meridian. These meridians relate to grounding and our ability to feel connected to what is around us.


Perfect for:

*  Everyone!

*  No previous yoga experience is required, this workshop will be inclusive for all.


* £15

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Date: March 24 @ 13:00 - 14:30
Venue Yoga Hero