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Yoga for Runners Leeds

Yoga for Runners and Cyclists

Join ultramarathon runner Amy Yates for her wonderful Yin & Yang Yoga for Runners classes.This classes will usually start with meditation, and pranayama (breathing techniques), then moving in to a yang practice; a lovely yoga flow to build core strength and strength in all important areas of the body. We’ll also work on deep release of the hamstrings and hips – which can be really tight for runners.

Then, the class will slow right down, into a Yin practice, working through some deep opening in areas that commonly hold tension.

Yin Yoga is widely renowned as a perfect compliment to a regular running practice. In Yin yoga, poses are held for a few minutes; targeting the connective tissue (fascia), which helps to undo the postural mis-alignments that come from repeating a specific movement over and over again.

Most runners have to stop running because of problems with their joints, or tightness in the muscles. Yin Yoga helps to realign bones where they meet ensuring a smooth articulation of bones at joints.

Come join us to experience this amazing compliment to running!