Kirsty Williams

200 Hour Vinyasa Flow, 50 Hour Yin

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”9394″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” style=”vc_box_circle_2″][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]For Kirsty, Yoga has been a journey of self-discovery. Working with movement and breath, she turns to the practice as a means of healing both mind and body. The practice of Yoga is a daily ritual for Kirsty, whether it is movement or meditation.  Through harnessing the cessation of thought, Yoga installs a calming yet powerful energy within, which acts as a tonic to the tribulations of modern living. As we navigate through a world with an overload of information, there is a wonderful power in finding stillness amongst the mayhem.


Outside of Yoga, Kirsty has a great passion for the outdoors and a longing to be outside in nature in all the elements. A lover of hill climbs, there really ain’t no mountain high enough! Walking in nature is mediative for Kirsty and there is nothing like the cold drops of rain on your skin to make you feel alive.  Nature and the elements often inspire Kirsty’s flows & meditations, connecting her two passions. Nature is a wonderful teacher when we come to observe.


Kirsty’s yoga:

Feeling the call to teach, Kirsty enrolled in the 200 hour course at Yoga Hero in the summer of 2019. This course proved to be deeply awakening & empowering leading to the decision of leaving her desk days for a more active and spiritual pathway through life, sharing the practices of yoga.


As a Philosophy graduate from Leeds university, Kirsty has always been drawn to the essence of spirituality. Building upon her knowledge with eastern philosophical insights was undoubtedly the most rewarding element of her training. Philosophical musings shape Kirsty’s teaching style, offering a deeper level of practice as we journey within the mind & body.


After qualifying Kirsty enjoyed connecting with students across spaces in Leeds from corporate lunch flows in office buildings to studio-based classes around the city. In search of adventure, Kirsty left the UK for central & south America and enjoyed teaching students from a wide range of demographics in some of the most obscure corners of the world. From resident teacher in the Eco Jungle Huts of the Guatemalan jungle to Yoga instructor at Nicaraguan surf camps Kirsty’s teaching narrative grew through the diversity of her students.


During the pandemic, Kirsty enrolled in the 50 hour Yin Yoga teacher training Course in Leeds. A firm believer that a balanced practice incorporating both dynamic and passive stretching is the key for a more balanced ‘you’.  Kirsty takes a meditative approach to yin Yoga, encouraging focus onto the breath and the sensations within to keep us rooted into the present.


What Kirsty offers:

Returning to the UK in light of the pandemic, Kirsty continues to adapt and grow, moving the majority of her classes to an online platform. Kirsty strives to hold a space for her students to completely let go and surrender into their own journey of self-discovery. Offering a wide range of practices, from Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha & meditation, Kirsty truly believes that Yoga is for all bodies and is adaptable to the practitioner.


I truly believe that my students are my greatest teachers, their development is so deeply fulfilling and I always strive to help them realise their full potential.”


She looks forward to greeting you on the mat with an open heart; expect to leave class feeling both energised and restored.

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Instagram: @karma_yogi_kirst


Website: https://karmayogikirst.com/


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