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Mindful Eating Workshop

Part of Leeds Yoga & Wellness Festival 2018

Saturday, 23rd June 2018

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Mindful Eating can help you tune in to how hungry you are, and how satisfied you’re starting to feel by the meal or snack that you’re eating.

Mindful Eating can also help you enjoy your food more; enjoying the tastes and the textures of your food.

Eating mindfully can be anything from slowing down a bit, to being completely distraction free. We’ll look at different options for eating mindfully; what tools and techniques there are available, and what can fit seamlessly in to your life.

This workshop will include more about the benefits of eating mindfully, how to do it and then we’ll put what we’ve learn in to practice, eating a delicious snack provided by North Star Coffee Shop & General Store.

Expect a very realistic approach to something which can seem so far away, but that can really offer a huge amount of benefit. You’ll leave with practical tips to put in to practice in real life (even a very busy life!), and feeling inspired about the peace and satisfaction that can come at meal times and snack times.

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This workshop is perfect for:
Everyone who eats food!

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