Sophie Primrose

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Qualifications:

200 Hour Vinyasa Flow
50 Hour Yin Yoga
125 Hour Advanced Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit & Chanting
25 Hour Traditional Hatha Yoga, Prānāyām & Chakra Kriyā
25 Hour Yoga Mythology and the Deeper Significance of the Āsanas
Tantric Yoga Philosophy
Accessible Chair Yoga

My background & my yoga::

My recent background is based in design, having had my own design business for over 10 years and even further back my past held a strong focus in dancing, having danced from the age of 2 years old till I was about 20; so, being able to express myself creatively has been at the heart of who I am and what I do. I truly believe we are all creative and being able to find a way to express ourselves can be truly transformative for finding that connection back to ourselves and ultimately, in turn fosters a greater connection to others.

Around 9 years ago I developed sciatica after an injury whilst climbing, which was the original trigger and coupled with working day-after-day on tight deadlines, hunched over a desk drawing designs in a not-so-great posture, my body finally gave up and I was stricken with excruciating pain! I was told yoga could help alleviate some of the symptoms of sciatica and booked myself onto my first class, at Yoga Hero nonetheless! After that first class I was hooked! I couldn’t believe how the yoga had not just helped my aches and severe pain that had stopped me from sleeping and doing everyday activity but something else had been unlocked – a deep connection – a coming home if you will – to myself! A deeper connection than I’d experienced in years and I also noticed something else; in the days following my mind felt more relaxed, I wasn’t overthinking so much and I felt more at ease about, well, everything!

Fast forward 5 or so years and I’d really started to feel called to go deeper into the practice and more and more felt that I wanted to create that space for others to find that same feeling; of coming home – of feeling more at peace in the world and in themselves.

I’ve now been teaching for over 3 years in both Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yin / Yang and guided meditation as well as teaching corporate yoga classes and chair yoga sessions for workplace yoga.

What I offer:

In my classes, you’ll be guided on a journey back to yourself. With a strong focus on listening into your intuition – of your body and of your mind and what you need in each moment, working with the breath to find stillness in the mind and be more in the moment, more in your body and less in your thoughts. With clear concise guidance I encourage students to let go fully and settle into presence.

With a fervent interest in yoga philosophy you will find philosophical concepts and teachings woven throughout my classes – making yoga philosophy and it’s teachings accessible and relatable to our every day life and struggles.

I believe yoga is for everyone and there’s always so much to be gained whether you think that not being able to touch your toes means you can’t do yoga or you feel held back by injuries or even struggle with a busy mind; yoga and meditation can help you find that place for solace, comfort and even empowerment in any and all times – there really is something for everyone!

Having so many of my own injuries I encourage students to let go of should’s and shouldn’t’s and find safety in their yoga practice as a paramount importance. Letting go of what something should or shouldn’t look like, and instead be led by their own bodies and their own journey. I believe the best teacher you will ever has is yourself.

My aim is to bring you back home to yourself and help you create a sense of ease on your mat so that these feelings of stability, tranquillity, achievement and curiosity not only take root in your body on the mat but blossom into other areas of your life as you move off the mat and into the world and your everyday life.

Find out more, or get in touch:

Email: sophieprimrose.yoga@gmail.com

When Sophie Teaches

4:45-5:45pm- Energising Vinyasa Flow
6:00-7:00pm Yin / Yang Yoga

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