Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode 14

14: Writing your perfect yoga bio

Having a yoga bio that’s perfect for you, that you can access and send where ever you are, means you’ll be clear about your yoga and clear about who you’d like to reach and teach.

Let’s imagine:

Imagine your favourite teacher puts a call out asking for cover, you’re able to send your bio straight to them, and they know, you’re a great teacher to cover their classes.

Imagine there’s an opening coming  up at a studio you love, and a few teachers get in touch, but you’re the one that’s able to send your bio straight away, to show the studio that you’re a great fit.

Imagine that you hear of an office looking for someone to run yoga sessions on a lunchtime for their staff; you’re able to send over your bio, showing that you’re keen, organised and they get a great feel for your style and your classes, and you get the work.

Soon, you won’t just be imagining these things. Grab a pen, and your workbook, and let’s get cracking!

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