Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode 16

16: Do you need a new sequence each week? Plus keeping sequencing fresh and staying inspired

In this episode, we answer the question – do you need to teach a new sequence each week? Plus, we look how you can be efficient and creative and resourceful with the sequences you already have and how to get inspiration for new sequences or to update your existing ones.

Let’s have a quick look at the work load for a yoga teacher, just in respect to the actual teach of classes, as in, this isn’t taking in to account doing finances, any legal stuff, admin, etc. this is just in respect to teaching classes!

  • Teach class
  • Travel to and from the class, or set up and test the equipment if it’s online
  • Promote classes, either on your own channels or gathering everything together for the studio to post on their channels
  • Plan the class!

Planning classes does get more snappy as you get more experienced as a teacher, but it can still be time-consuming.. so here’s the question…. Do you need a new sequence each week?

Let’s find out!

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