Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode 5

5: Finding Your Yogis

In this episode we look at why you would even want to find your yogis in the first place; why it benefits you and your yogis (once you’ve found them!), how to determine who your yogis are, how to reach and connect with them and what to do if you’ve done all that and you’re still struggling. 

Knowing who your audience is, can be the difference between between thriving as a yoga teacher, and struggling as a yoga teacher. 
When you know the population(s) that you want to work with, everything simply falls in to place. Where you should focus your learning energy, what classes you should take on, what classes you should drop, what extra studies you can aspire to do, where to focus your personal practice… 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine, and refine, who your yogis are
  • How to find out where they spend time, online and offline
  • How to connect with your yogis
  • What to do, if you’ve done the above, but you’re still feeling stuck

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