Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode 6

Yoga Hero Teachers Podcast: Sharing your yoga

6: Sharing Your Yoga

There are so many potential ways to share your yoga, this podcast will look at some of the obvious, and some of the not-so-obvious ways, we’ll look at the pros and cons, of each, and then we’ll look at how to choose where to focus your time and energy. By the end of the podcast, you’ll have a great idea of how to share your yoga in the best way or ways for you; so that you can teach with passion, avoid burn out, and earn a fair living. 

We’re starting off with classes – which I’m defining as an offering that you do weekly, that’s part of a timetable. Then we’ll look at workshops – one off offerings focused on a particular population or topic. Then, courses – like workshops, but more than one session; usually between 2 and 8. Then retreats, one to ones which you might call private yoga sessions, and immersions; a bit like retreats, but generally with educational content. 

All of these things can be shared online and in-person, so I’ll talk about the online considerations and in-person considerations for each way of offering as we go along. 

And then to round off, we’ll look at how to know what type of offering is right for you and right for your yogis. If you haven’t yet listened to episode 5, you might want to give that a listen in the next few days, because it’s really relevant here. 

In this episode, we’ll cover the pros and cons of:

  • Classes
  • Workshops / pop ups
  • Courses
  • Retreats
  • One to ones / private yoga sessions
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