Shatter Imposter Syndrome – A Challenge for Yoga Teachers

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Shatter Imposter Syndrome – A Challenge for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Hero is hosting a special three day challenge to help yoga teachers shatter imposter syndrome

Do you find that you have endless passion to share yoga with people, you have so many ideas fuelled by the practice of yoga but you’re held back by your own self-doubt? You worry you have a lack of authority, you think ‘why would people want to learn this from me…?!’ and so your ideas stay exactly that: ideas. 

Well, we want to work with you to smash your self-doubt to smithereens! 

This challenge includes: 

  • Understanding of what imposter syndrome is, and how it can affect us
  • Practical tips to overcome the physical and mental impact of imposter syndrome
  • ‘Quick fixes’ to use anytime, for when you’re really doubting yourself
  • Creation of your very own mantra to keep imposter syndrome at bay after our challenge
  • A toolkit to create a yoga offering which isn’t limited by imposter syndrome!

Every morning for three days, you’ll receive your Shatter Imposter Syndrome challenge tasks. We estimate these will take around 20 minutes-ish, but you can spend way longer on them if you have the time available. 

By the end of the challenge, we hope you’ll feel inspired to share your love for the practice of yoga with others, without feeling held back by self-doubt.