Shatter Imposter Syndrome – Day 1

Shatter Imposter Syndrome

Day 1

Hello, and welcome to the first day, of our three day Shatter Imposter Syndrome challenge.

This challenge has been created to help you – yoga teachers – share your passion and knowledge, without being held back by procrastination, self-doubt and insecurity.


  • We’ll start to understand what imposter syndrome is
  • We’ll look at how it can affect us
  • We’ll take time for a short meditation, to give us food for thought; things to ponder over over the course of today, so that tomorrow we have more clarity and understanding, on which we can build

A Brief Introduction

What is Imposter Syndrome?

A Meditation: Imposter Syndrome and You

Tomorrow, we’ll start to look at gaining a deeper understanding on the impact that imposter syndrome has on our lives, and how we can reduce that impact. Can’t wait to see you then!

With love,

The Yoga Hero Team