Shatter Imposter Syndrome – Day 4

Shatter Imposter Syndrome

Day 4

Yesterday was about breaking down the barriers that we’ve created for ourselves. Because those barriers might have been there without us even thinking about them, and they might have been there for a while, this was possibly a pretty big hurdle. So; we’re training for a marathon, we start small and we start slow, but we have the end goal in sight: to share your love for the practice of yoga with others, without feeling held back by self-doubt. 

We’re growing!

On Day 2, you took some time to think about what you’d be doing if you weren’t at all held back by imposter syndrome. Yesterday you picked something ‘small’ (I say ‘small’ because it probably wasn’t small, just the most accessible thing you thought of!), well, today, we’re growing. You’re going to pick something bigger, something that makes you squirm a little more, something that feels further away. And just do it. Just start it. When you hear self-doubt; acknowledge, that’s the imposter roommate, thanks for your input roomie, but I’m cracking on with it anyway!

Today’s task list: 

Do a social media cleanse

Imposter syndrome is fed by comparison. Comparison is rife on social media. This isn’t saying ‘get off facebook and instagram immediately, for good’, as there’s a lot of very informative accounts out there, plus social media will be fulfilling the need for community for many people. But, if social media use isn’t checked, if it isn’t mindful, it can fuel the imposter syndrome fire. Unfollow anyone that makes you feel that you’re a fraud. Make sure than when you’re scrolling, you’re taking in useful information, and anything that’s not beautiful or useful (this is a Marie Kondo inspired social media cleanse!) gets unfollowed!

Build daily happiness habits

  • Keep removing barriers – if there’s something you want to do, but you’re being held back – dig in and work out why that is, relate that to what we’ve learnt and break down the barrier
  • Be mindful – be present in what you’re doing. It’s so easy to be on to the next thing, planning, budgeting, trying to fit everything in, but peacefulness can come from being in the present moment
  • Positive bias! Notice the negative bias and meet it with something positive again and again, for ever 
  • Journal – writing down thoughts can help you see how silly they are. Writing down successes helps you to acknowledge them

BUT remember. Even if you do this to the absolute very best of your ability, there will still be very hard, very pants days. That doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. It means that you’re human.

Ask for feedback

Yep. Ask your yogis for feedback. You’re going to add this in to your fact file of successes; that’s there for you when you’re doubting yourself, or caught up in overwork, or procrastinating…

Add to your fact file

Aside from the feedback that you get from your yogis, note down your successes. More will continue to pop in to your brain as you think wider about your life, your years, the areas of your life, etc. Note them down, no matter how silly and trivial, or grand and showy offy they seem!

Remember: Be kind to yourself! Above all, be kind to yourself. Change takes time, and we have the rest of our lives to conquer this.

Tomorrow, we’re setting intentions, to keep our good habits onwards in to the future. Yey!

With love,

The Yoga Hero Team