“The purpose of studying the scriptures is not so that we may understand them, but that we may use them to better understand ourselves.
What we are really studying is our own existence.”


Take 15 minutes to let Hali Schwartz demystify yoga philosophy, in her unique, understandable and accessible way. If you enjoyed this, and want to learn more, check out Hali’s Advanced Philosophy, Sanskrit and Chanting course:

Advanced Philosophy, Sanskrit and Chanting

Sunday 30th October – Thursday 3rd November 2022, 8:30 – 16:30

£775 / £700 for Yoga Hero teacher trainees and graduates – payment plan available!

Join us to delve into the heart and soul of yoga philosophy, learning about its incredible journey through the ages, from ancient to modern.

This program will take us through some of yoga’s earliest surviving scriptures, the Upanishadswhere we will be able to see how yoga, as a spiritual practice, began. We will then weave our way through history to one of yoga’s most important texts – the Bhagavad Gita, where we are  introduced to yoga philosophy not as a concept, but as teachings that are meant to be applied directly into our lives.

As we continue to move through time, we encounter the Yoga Sūtras of sage Patañjali which teach us how to know the real Self by overcoming many of the obstacles that stand in our way of this knowledge. Historically, this practice has been called, rāja yoga.

Lastly, we will see how the complex and fascinating system of Tantra, gave rise to such ideas as the chakras, and kundalini, and to the famous system that today we call hatha yoga.

As part of our studies into the above texts, we will learning how to correctly pronounce the sounds of the Sanskrit ‘alphabet’, using many of the key terminologies of both yoga philosophy as well as the āsanas of hatha yoga.