Yin Yoga Teacher Training Policy Documentation

Practice Experience

There is no set yoga practice time needed for the Yin Yoga Teacher Training



A £150 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

Full payment is required two weeks prior to training start date.

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

All are welcome on this course.



What fees include/ what is not included


Fees include the full course, assessments and accreditation, plus water and herbal teas. Food and travel are not included.




Refund policy

Should you need to cancel your place, the following policy applies:

* Prior to 2 months days of training start date: 75% of your payment refunded, not including the £150 deposit

* Prior to 1 month days of training start date: 50% of your payment refunded, not including the £150 deposit

* Prior to 14 days of of training start date: 25% of your payment refunded, not including the £150 deposit

* Less than 14 days of training start date: No refund.


Any cancellations must be sent in writing to Yoga Hero or to holly@yogahero.co.uk. No evidence is required.



During the course

Minimum attendance rate is six people

Students must attend the entire course to graduate. If special circumstances arise and the student needs to miss HALF of ONE day, the student could make the time missed up with an extra assignment that would be emailed to them and they could email back to the lead teacher for review and feedback.


If the student needs to miss a full day or more (up to three days) then the student will have to complete assignments for each topic that they missed. All received and submitted electronically.


If the student needs to miss 3 days or more they will have to sign up for the course again at a reduced fee to be determined by the studio that the course is offered at.


Any course content or assessment criteria not completed during the course must be completed within three months of the course end date. There is no cost for this.


There is no expectations around daily yoga practice.



Cancellation of Course

Yoga Hero intends to provide a full week’s notice if the course is to be cancelled.



Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint, please understand that we will take this very seriously.



  1. Please email holly@yogahero.co.uk or post your complaint, recorded delivery, to

Yoga Hero,

The Boulevard,

Leeds Dock,


LS10 1PZ

2. Yoga Hero will respond within 7 days, either with a resolution, or to request more information.

3. We will look forward to your response on the above. If the matter is settled, great. If not, steps 2 & 3 will be repeated until the matter is settled.

Your complaint, at every stage, will be dealt with direct by owner and director, Holly Mcfee.



Code of Conduct

  • To make yoga sessions accessible for every body
  • To treat all equally, no matter their characteristics
  • To provide a safe, clean space in which to enjoy yoga teacher training, and in which to always be able to ask questions and ask for clarification
  • To inspire all who attend Yoga Hero sessions to be kinder to themselves
  • To treat all complaints seriously, and in line with our complaints procedure
  • To provide the public with access to safe and beneficial yoga teachers.
  • To treat each other with respect and kindness
  • To acknowledge that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that we learn at our own pace