Yoga Hero Graduate: Eve Machin

Eve Machin

200 Hour Vinyasa Flow, 50 Hour Yin

Eve’s background:

Eve started practicing Yoga during a stressful point in her life and hasn’t looked back since! 

As a former gymnast, Eve gravitated towards Ashtanga and loved the discipline and consistency that the primary series brought to her life. Over time Eve found that problems in her shoulders started to disappear and that overall she felt stronger than ever – both mentally and physically! Eve later began a vinyasa practice and found the fluidity in every changing flows to be completely inspiring. 

Eve has been lucky to practice across the UK and Europe, and is excited and passionate about sharing all the things she has learnt along the way with students throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Eve’s yoga:

Feeling the need to deepen her understanding of the practice, Eve decided to first undertake a 50h Yin training with Angela Jervis-Read in Prague. This course ignited her passion for teaching Yoga, and as the Covid pandemic brought the world to a stand still, Eve saw the opportunity to dive into the 200h Vinyasa YTT at Yoga Hero, qualifying in November 2020.

Eve’s vinyasa classes are dynamic and focus on building confidence, finding that inner bravery and trying something new, without being attached to the results! Her indulgent yin classes compliment her vinyasa classes and are strongly based in proprioception and staying present with sensations in your body, as they shift and change in stillness.

What Eve offers:

Eve provides a safe welcoming space for all her students and she strives to hold a space for everyone and all abilities in the room, just as her teachers have held spaces for her. Eve currently offers group and private classes.

Find out more, or get in touch:

Instagram: @eviesyoga

Email: evemachinyoga@gmail.com

Phone: 07955200926