Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode 13

Getting Ready for 2022 as a Yoga Teacher

In this episode, we’re getting organised, looking to January 2022 and how we can make the most of the January ‘New Year New You’, without it being cheesy or slimy, or both.

The reality is, that at the turn of a week, or a month, or a year, motivation is high – so people are more inclined to try something new, to better themselves, to work on self improvement.

We know, as yoga teachers, that yoga is the master of self-improvement. Asana makes us strong, flexible and releases tension. Yoga beyond just the asana demands self inquiry, self study and stillness, and is a way we can find more peace in our lives.

Whether we subscribe to ‘New Year New You’ or not, it is likely to be a stimulus that brings people to yoga.

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