Yoga Nidra with Yoga Wisdom Training

Friday 27th – Sunday 29th September 2024, Led by Holly Mcfee

Unveil the depths of yoga through the transformative power of Yoga Nidra with Yoga Wisdom.

This comprehensive training is designed for passionate yoga teachers who seek to deepen their understanding of Yoga Nidra, the art of conscious deep sleep, and explore the rich teachings of ancient yogic wisdom.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep,” is a powerful practice that guides participants into a state of deep relaxation while maintaining a state of heightened awareness. Through systematic and guided meditation, Yoga Nidra leads practitioners into the realm between wakefulness and sleep, allowing them to access a vast reservoir of inner knowledge and healing potential.

Yoga Nidra is so perfectly intertwined with yoga philosophy; being in the state of Yoga Nidra allows the mind to gently open to ideas that might otherwise be hard to understand… Such as life-changing ideas presented within yoga wisdom, that are so different to what we think when in the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Exploring Yoga Wisdom

This training program dives into the profound teachings of Yoga Wisdom, drawing from ancient yogic texts and philosophies. Expect to explore the Yoga Sutras of Master Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads to gain a deeper understanding of yogic principles and ethics, and how this wisdom is completely relevant and useful in modern day life.

We’ll take a concept, discuss it in depth, and then weave it in to a Yoga Nidra, in order to embody it; to understand it so incredibly deeply.

This course is perfect for:

Yoga teachers with a passion for creating safe and healing spaces for their students

All yoga teachers; in-training, new and experienced.

Embark on this transformative adventure that delves into the realms of profound relaxation and awaken the powerful wisdom within.

Yoga Nidra with Yoga Wisdom Course Content:

  • In-depth study of Yoga Nidra techniques including various stages, components, applications and safety. Participants will also dive into the timeless wisdom of yoga philosophy, understanding the philosophical underpinnings of the practice
  • Practical applications: Learn how to effectively guide Yoga Nidra sessions for individuals and groups, incorporating therapeutic elements to address specific needs such as stress reduction, anxiety management, insomnia, and overall well-being. We will also explore integrating Yoga Nidra into different styles of yoga classes and therapeutic settings
  • Subconscious exploration: Gain insights into the workings of the mind from yoga’s point of view, and discover the profound healing potential within. Learn techniques to unlock deep-seated patterns, release emotional blockages, and cultivate a harmonious state of mind
  • Ancient wisdom for modern living: Immerse yourself in the profound teachings of Yoga Philosophy and apply these timeless principles to contemporary life. Explore topics such as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, ethical guidelines, self-inquiry, and the path to self-realisation
  • Experiential learning: Engage in practical exercises, guided meditations, self-reflection, and group discussions to deepen your personal practice and develop the skills necessary to guide others on the transformative journey of Yoga Nidra and Yoga Wisdom. This course is nothing if not completely practical – expect to graduate feeling very ready and inspired to weave these learnings in to your existing classes, as well as create workshops and courses full of yogis ready to learn from you.

Whether you are a yoga teacher seeking to expand your offerings, a wellness professional looking to incorporate Yoga Nidra into your practice, or an individual on a personal journey of self-discovery, our Yoga Nidra and Yoga Wisdom Training will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to guide others on a path of deep relaxation, self-awareness, and spiritual growth.


Friday 27th – Sunday 29th September 2024, 08:30 – 16:30


The course price is £400

Yoga Hero teacher training trainees and graduates get 20% off!

Payment plans are available

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    About Holly Mcfee

    Holly Mcfee is the owner of Yoga Hero Ltd. Holly has been practicing yoga since 2010, and teaching since 2013. Holly embarked upon her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training here in Leeds, and after balancing a full time job and teaching yoga for just six months, went full time in to teaching.

    In August 2015 Holly opened the Yoga Hero studio in Leeds Dock, and in June 2017 this studio expanded to become one of the largest dedicated yoga spaces in the North of England.

    Holly’s experience in opening two busy studios, and years of self-employment, will be shared to help trainees build a thriving yoga business, should you wish to.

    Holly is an experienced Nidra, Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative and Yin teacher, and the diversity across these disciplines combined with her passion for spreading the benefits of yoga, and her dedication to make teachers be the best they can be, mean that teacher trainees will receive a vital combination of learning about the many aspects of yoga practice, philosophy, and teaching.

    Aside from teaching and practising yoga, Holly loves to walk her pug, see friends and family, have the odd beer and explore the world.

    About Yoga Hero

    Yoga Hero has been established since March 2013. Initially, classes were ‘popping up’ in church halls, arts galleries, cafes, skateparks… you name it! Over time, we eventually found a beautiful home in Leeds Dock.

    Yoga Hero has three studios, one with a capacity of up to 80, one with a capacity of 20, and the third is perfect for small private groups or one to one sessions. At Yoga Hero, we offer everything from Introduction to Yoga Courses, Pay As You Feel Classes, up to 200 hour Foundation Teacher Training Qualifications and Further Training, such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and much more!

    About Leeds Dock

    Leeds Dock

    Yoga Hero is based in a beautiful part of Leeds called Leeds Dock. Leeds Dock is a 10 minute walk from Leeds Train Station, or there’s a free water taxi service between the train station and the Dock!

    Around Leeds Dock are many affordable hotels, such as:
    Holiday Inn Express (Two minutes’ walk)
    Jury’s Inn (Five minutes’ walk)
    Ibis (Five minutes’ walk)
    Malmaison (Ten minutes’ walk)

    There are also many very reasonably priced AirBnBs on the Dock

    Leeds is a quite small city with loads going on. The whole city is walkable by foot, probably 40 minutes’ walk from one end to the other at a steady pace. There’s many independent restaurants and cafes, with our favourite North Star Coffee Shop just two doors down from the studio, serving incredible coffee and food during the day.

    If you have any questions about Leeds; what to do, where to stay, or how to get here, just ask the team: hello@yogahero.co.uk // 07743513225.

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    Coronavirus Contingency Planning 

    Valid from 22nd March 2021

    Should social distancing and / or lock down measures be in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, we will offer the Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra components of the course online, using Zoom or something similar and the in-person Restorative part of the training will be postponed until we are in a position for it to run again in the studio.

    Our priority would be to hold the teacher training altogether in the Yoga Hero studio, however, should part or all of the training move online, it’s great to know that there are many benefits to attending an online training including:

    • You get to attend from your own home, so no travelling each morning and evening
    • We’re able to share slides with images and text in a digestible format
    • There’s real clarity to all the information
    • You’re able to record lectures for future reference

    It can feel alien at first to consider learning online, but we’ve experienced great success with this so far.

    Our Teacher Training team will keep you posted at all stages, and if learning online is not something that works for you, we would happily postpone your place to a future training.

    By signing up to this training, you are agreeing to our course policy information: 

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