9 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Nine Ways to Practice Self-Love This Valentine’s

Valentine’s – loved by many, disliked by many, but always a reminder of love. This Valentine’s you should love yourself because You. Are. Fabulous. (You really are).

Self-love is about things and thoughts and actions that put you first. When you put yourself first, you realise how worth it you are, and self-acceptance and self-love start to flow naturally. Self-love doesn’t mean not loving others, it’s every loving everyone, including you, wonderful you!

Ways to practice self-love

Here are nine wonderful, simple ways to love yourself this weekend (and then onwards, of course!)


1) Move your banging body

Moving your body and increasing your heart rate releases seratonin, the ‘happy chemical’, again, making us feel happier and more receptive to some self-loving. Whether it’s going for a run, a walk, a dance around your kitchen or a quick yoga class, movement is key to feeling fab. And when you’re body feels fab, you’re likely to love it, and be grateful for it (very useful, see below!)


2) Eat something wonderful

It might be a twix, or a roast dinner, but whatever your fancy, make it and eat it mindfully, i.e. no Netflixing during food consumption! Turn all devices off and really take the time to smell and taste your food as you consume it. It will probably taste better, you might fill up a little faster than normal and it’s so indulgent! Eating for taste rather than necessity and / or boredom – a fabulous and delicious way to put yourself first.


3) Have a bath

And if you don’t like baths, have a lovely, hot, long shower. Option to add wine (can be tricky in the shower).


4) Do some yoga

Of course! Yes we’re biased, but yes it is a fabulous display of self-love and one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself IMHO. Stuck at home? Try this yoga video or this yoga video or have a gander around YouTube.


5) Meditate

See above. It’s obvious for us to say it (but only obvious because it’s SO GOOD). Get comfy and do a meditation for 2, 5 or 10 minutes (or longer) from Calm.com. Enjoy!


6) Book something fabulous

Whether it’s a cinema trip on your own (surprisingly satisfying!), an indulgent massage or drinks with friends; booking something in your diary that’s fabulous to you is a solid way to show yourself you’re putting yourself first. You’re literally booking in some self-love! Boom!


7) Do something fabulous for someone else

Hmmmm not quite the self-love advice that you were expecting? I know, it seems so paradoxical to shine some loving light on yourself by doing something for someone else – you’re probably doing things for other people all the time. All. The. Time. Kids, partners, friends, work… I know. BUT a really lovely, kind action for someone else can make you feel wonderful, and seeing as this post is about things that will make you feel wonderful, (and realise how wonderful you are) this works well. Don’t believe me? Read our post: Glorious Giving: 4 Reasons Giving Is Great for the Mind, Body, Soul and Society…


8) Get off social media

Remember that Instagram, Facebook etc is not a true representation of the world: People put up there what they want you to see. I repeat. People put up there what they want you to see.

Sometimes scrolling through can make us compare ourselves to what we see, which might be fine, but might not be fine, and as we’re self-loving here, why risk it? I once went to an enlightening talk by Lucy Sheridan, aka the Comparison Girl (Twitter here: https://twitter.com/lucysheridan) Lucy was very frank about what social media is doing to us and our heads, and how bad it can get; there was a story about a lady who on Facebook had a very happy marriage, well behaved kids and a lot of holidays in Spain, when in reality she was going through marriage counselling and the holidays were to paper over the cracks.

This is a MASSIVE topic; one that we will explore in more detail, but in the meantime, if you’re scrolling, just remember to not compare (and it might be that the best way to not compare is to just not look!)


9) Write down three things that you’re grateful for – right now

This tip is borrowed from our Gratitude post, and rightly so, as having an Attitude of Gratitude is all about being grateful for what is rocking is your life, be it a friend, a talent, a belonging, a habit… Being grateful sort of rewires our brain (temporarily at least) to think of the good things in life, making us feel brighter and happier, a good start to our nine way to practice self-love!


Happy Valentine’s you amazing people xx

Written by Holly


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