UK Top 10 Yoga Teacher Trainings

Recently, we were humbled to found out that our Yoga Hero Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training is in the UK top 10 yoga teacher trainings!

Chloe Teaching Yoga Teacher Training Cover

Our Autumn 2023 is in full swing with a wonderful group of trainees. Late in our first block, one trainee asked another how she’d found Yoga Hero, with her not being from Leeds. She mentioned she’d seen it in a UK Top 10 yoga teacher trainings list.

I (Holly – hi by the way!) heard this but carried on with teaching what we were covering that day, and remembered the conversation on my way home. I mentioned it to my husband who consulted Google, and lo and behold, there was a list of the UK Top 10 yoga teacher trainings, and Yoga Hero appeared, clear as day, at number 2!

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I was absolutely adamant, right from our first training in 2018, that our 200 hour course would prepare trainees to immediately teach yoga, should they want to, but that it was also a deep personal dive in to all that yoga is, for personal development too.

It seems that that intention might have just come to fruition!

Thank you to Angela, Susi, Jess, Rachel, Iain, Kath and Naama for all the hard work and dedication that goes in to every hour, of every day, of every training.

What a dream team!

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