Pay As You Feel Yoga – How does it work?

Pay As You Feel Yoga

Earlier in the year, we introduced Pay As You Feel Yoga – a way to help newly qualified yoga instructors get experience teaching yoga, and another way to help more people do more yoga, more often.

The Pay As You Feel Yoga classes have been really well received, our teachers getting really valuable feedback from heroes and Yoga Hero instructors alike.

How do Pay As You Feel Yoga classes work?

Well, just come along to the class, just as you would any other class on the Yoga Hero timetable. Booking is advised, although you are very welcome to just drop in if you’d prefer. Get yourself settled and enjoy the class, and then at the end, you decide what you want to pay for the class. So if you have a class pass, you could ask our lovely reception team to take a class from your pass, or pay an amount you wish by card, or just leave some feedback.


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