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My love/ hate relationship with social media

My love/ hate relationship with social media.

A very honest blog. One that highlights a very fuzzy truth behind the smiles, handstands and captured moments of paradise.

Being a yoga teacher in this technology focused world, social media is an integral part of business. The more time that is put into creating and publishing content, more often than not, more students will be aware of your class or pop up workshop, and so more will come along. It’s simple, really.
But, this weekend I did a thing. A horrible, anti-social media thing.

I did not pick up my phone. I know. Shock.
(Okay yes, I did text my partner, call my mum and check the time. But other than that, I did not take any photos, share an instagram story, or post anything. At all.)


This weekend was a blissful one. Not picking up my phone took me into a state of presence and mindfulness. Things I did, I did for me. I didn’t have to show, or even prove, my practice to anyone.
It’s an interesting juxtaposition – how, in my yoga classes I promote mindfulness, quietness, authenticity and presence. Yet, social media for me, offers quite the opposite.
The reason for this blog is to perhaps invite awareness to the presence and mindful living that is detracted when scrolling through your phone.


In 2018, the average time spent on a phone is 3 hours and 35 minutes per day. The predicted forecast for 2019 is that more time will be spent on a mobile phone than watching TV. Or, if you’re anything like me, I sometimes find myself doing both things at once. Ooops.

My point is, just imagine how much more can be done, learnt and experienced within those 3 hours and 35 minutes. Think how many books you could read, walks you could walk, family members you could catch up with and yoga classes you could go to. (See what I did there?)

Social media has a way of bringing us what we think we need. Whether you follow yoga blogs, fitness inspiration, food channels or your favourite celebrity. Scrolling through our phone brings us all that we admire. From this, it is perhaps we feel we are a part of this community. Whatever this is. The truth is friends catching up to spend time scrolling. To walk in the park and notice the latest tweet rather than tweet of the bird above you. To sit on the bus at the end of the day, neck crumpled and falling down as you post a photo of a holiday three months ago.
Of course, there is some element of value in this work. Social media does hold the capacity to bring people together, to raise awareness and to embark on conversation.

But, real life does that too.


What will your afternoon off social media bring you? A new book? Time for coffee?
A time for you, your yoga mat and your breath?
I’m sure your followers will understand.


Written by Charlotte from Amala Movement