Self Love at Valentines

The importance of self love – Be your own Valentine. 

The importance of self love – Be your own Valentine. 

As we approach Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air, we thought it was the perfect time to speak about the most important love of all… The love that should come first, before anything:


Aside from making you feel good, and uplifting your spirits, self love can benefit your life in many ways. We recently spotted a post from a fellow yogi that inspired us, and we believe many of you would also relate…The post said ”If somebody asked you to write a list of everyone you loved, how long would it take until you wrote down your own name”? 

Well to all of you amazing Heroes: your name should be at the very top. 

How many of us look in the mirror and focus on what we would change? Well, instead, how about appreciating your body and exercising your mind daily, to only speak good words and think good thoughts about yourself. 

How many times do you find yourself not appreciating who you have because you are too busy comparing yourself to others, via social media ‘best bits’ and what stage of life society makes you feel that you “should be at”? 

We need to stop… You deserve to feel confident and be the very best version of yourself, because nobody else can be a better you than YOU. 

Which leads us to the Yoga Hero Valentine’s challenge: 

  1. Write down 10 things you love about yourself
  2. Put on your favourite song and sing at the top of your voice
  3. Dance like nobody is watching
  4. Treat yourself to fresh flowers
  5. Take a class
  6. Read a book
  7. Call your best friend
  8. Take a relaxing bath

And finally, spread love – not just on the 14th February – but every day of the year.