Newly Qualified Yoga Teachers – Gain Teaching Experience at Yoga Hero

At Yoga Hero, we’re really passionate that newly qualified yoga instructors can access a safe, nurturing and positive environment in which to gain experience, earn money and get feedback from their students.

It’s also really important to us that every class at Yoga Hero is high quality and led by a confident and very capable instructor, and that heroes experience exceptional value when paying for classes.

With both of these things in mind, Yoga Hero offers newly qualified yoga teachers the opportunity to lead ‘Pay As You Feel’ classes and workshops. These can either be classes that are already on the timetable; taking over from a previous new instructor, or a new class; this will depend on a combination of your teaching experience so far, the style(s) of yoga you teach, your availability and the studios’ availability.

Newly Qualified Yoga Teacher

How it works: 

Newly qualified yoga teachers, and any yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge and / or increase their confidence teaching, can sign up to our programme for £45, which includes:
* Two PAYF classes per month, which will be attended and fed back on by a Yoga Hero instructor
* More classes (as many as you like), based on your availability and studio availability, to get feedback from attendees
* Assistance with alignment cues, theming and sequencing
* Discount on further training modules

As your experience, knowledge and confidence grows, you’ll have the opportunity to be added to the Yoga Hero cover list, and potentially have your own classes on the Yoga Hero timetable!


We’re always really keen to hear from yoga, meditation and Pilates instructors, so please do get in touch:

Holly@yogahero.co.uk // 07743513225

As a newly qualified teacher it can feel pretty daunting as you look for work, and the opportunity to lead PAYF classes at Yoga Hero was a great, supportive environment to start with. Being offered a weekly space within the timetable made me feel supported as a new teacher, and meant I continued to put all the information I’d learnt into practice. There were plenty of opportunities to receive feedback from students, and Holly would offer valuable feedback from a more seasoned teacher. It’s been nearly two years since my YTT, and there’s a continual learning with this type of work which I love, but the PAYF classes enabled me to have time and support whilst I developed my own style and voice as a teacher. I now feel confident in holding space for my students, and have fun using my creativity when designing sequences.

– Kate Herrick, Calm Collective