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My Two Year Yoga Teaching-versary

My Two Year Yoga Teaching-versary Facebook has the tendency to remind you of what you were doing however many years ago. Through the memories of prom, college, and my time at university (lets just slip past my 2010 eyebrows) are embedded photos of my yoga teacher...

Social Media Blog Post

My love/ hate relationship with social media

My love/ hate relationship with social media. A very honest blog. One that highlights a very fuzzy truth behind the smiles, handstands and captured moments of paradise. Being a yoga teacher in this technology focused world, social media is an integral part of business. The...

Yoga; From wine, to goats, to true enlightenment.

Yoga; From wine, to goats, to true enlightenment

Yoga; From wine, to goats, to true enlightenment As the interest and popularity of yoga continues to expand world wide, so do the weird and wonderful ways we 'practice yoga'. Stemming, among other things, from the traditional Ashtanga series, we are now in a place where booking...

Yoga Hero is 5!

Yoga Hero is 5!

Today, Yoga Hero is five years old! Two years ago, Chris (Doug's Dad) wrote this blog post; 'Yoga Hero's 3rd Birthday - A Few Words by Chris' which explains how those first three years went, and since then, we've welcome so many more wonderful Heroes...

Childrens Kids Yoga

Thoughts from a children’s yoga teacher

Thoughts from a children’s yoga teacher; Learning from four year olds. There is something to magical about being in a place where I can offer yoga classes to children. With each and every class, something new is learnt. The children learning from the activities I offer, and...

Mum and Baby Postnatal Yoga Leeds

Everything comes from the core

Everything comes from the core The term ‘core strengthening’ has become a buzz word in recent years, with yoga and Pilates studios; gyms and fitness programmes offering the promise of a strong core that will be the envy of all. But do washboard-flat abs or a...

Krishna Studio Yoga Hero Leeds

Announcing: Yoga Hero is Expanding!

Over the last four years, Yoga Hero has inhabited a range of different locations, including; churches, art galleries, skateparks, shops, living rooms, gardens… before finding our home in Leeds Dock.   Thanks to the support of you wonderful people, Yoga Hero is expanding in to the space...

Mahatma Ghandi Quote

15 Ways to Bring Wellness into Your Workplace

It's January. January always make me think of new starts, of new beginnings, of forming new habits and building new intentions. But that's all easier said than done when many of us spend much of our day at a desk, feeling hungry, tired, balancing a large...

Reclaim Your Lunch Break

Reclaim Your Lunch Break

Today, I was lucky enough to attend Heart Research UK's Reclaim Your Lunch Break event at Park Square in Leeds. The blurb for the event was: It's once again time for you to reclaim your lunch hour and step this way for a healthier lifestyle at...