Clare Kerrigan

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Clare Kerrigan

Yoga Instructor

Clare has been practicing yoga for 20 years and has been teaching it for 5 years. Her classes integrate a balance of mindful and dynamic Hatha yoga, Creative Vinyasa flow & Restorative yoga, she has specialised in teaching Yoga Nidra (sleep – a deep relaxation practice) and Yoga for women’s health.

Clare has organised and run retreats in Europe and India and she is a contact teacher and mentor for teacher trainees with Yogacampusbreathes  (who she studied with herself).

As well as the physical aspect of the practice, she has an interest in integrating yogic philosophy as she experiences, lives and it. Clare ultimately encourages students to experience deeper stillness and through rich teachings and practice, finding greater clarity in the head and heart.


Traditionally yoga was shared between one student and a teacher, building a trusting bond and progression within the practice. Each session is tailored to you. If you’ve never done yoga before, we’ll work through fundamental yoga postures, alignment and progress the practice from there.  No rush and no pressure. Each class is slightly different depending on how you’re feeling and what you’d like to get out of it.


Why book a one-one yoga class?


  •   If you’d like to develop your existing practice and clarify alignment principles
  •   You’d like to have a 1-1 before starting regular classes
  •   If you’d like to work therapeutically according to your needs/ any injuries
  •   You’d like to learn more about meditation and relaxation techniques



* £50 per hour

* Block booking discount – 5 sessions – £225