Jessica Gibbard

Yoga Instructor

Jess began practicing yoga in California, embedding it into her daily life upon realising the many mental and physical benefits. As a musician, Jess found that flowing, especially to music, was a valuable and expressive tool that could alter mood and energy levels, while also strengthening and releasing tension from the body. As a fully qualified school teacher with a masters degree in music, Jess was keen to translate her teaching and creativity skills to yoga.

Now a 200hr registered yoga teacher, Jess’ classes are influenced by Vinyasa and Ashtanga practices, embedding knowledge learnt from her own teachers around the world. Jess’ classes offer a dynamic flow teamed with calming postures to create a sense of fluidity and centering on the mat. With modifications offered throughout her classes and a focus on building awareness of the mind-body connection, Jess’ classes are open to all, enabling everyone to feel the many benefits of a holistic yoga practice.


*  1:1 sessions – £60 per hour in-person / £45 per hour online

*  Couple / small group – £70

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