Emma Rodgers

Yoga Hero Graduate – Yoga Instructor

Yoga Qualifications:

200 hr Vinyasa Flow

My background:

I began my yoga journey in 2017 as a stressed-out primary school teacher searching for a moment of calm in my life. 3 years later, I learnt first-hand the healing power of yoga for both physical and mental health when I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition. The impact of this, along with my background in teaching, encouraged me to pursue my ambition of becoming a yoga teacher myself.

I have lived in a few different cities over the years but I’m currently living in my home-town of Sheffield, working for an educational publisher alongside my yoga teaching. I love travelling, animals of all kinds (especially my 2 cats!), reading and spending time with my loved ones!

My yoga:

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Hero in December 2021. Making a decision to study at Yoga Hero was an easy one to make! The studio and staff feels like a family. It is a warm, friendly and inclusive place and the modules are a perfect combination of science and spirituality. Although I had a lot of doubt about whether my body could cope with the demands of an intense training course, I felt confident that Yoga Hero would be able to support me through this and this was absolutely the case! I loved every second of my training and I can confidently say it has changed my life. Since the course has finished I’ve gone on to set-up my own online classes via Zoom, I am teaching yoga in my workplace and I’m also teaching in Sheffield city centre. I am looking forward to further teacher training at Yoga Hero in the future!

What I offer:

I teach supportive, gentle yoga for people looking to support their mental and physical wellness. My classes are perfect for beginners, stress/anxiety, chronic illness or those looking for a calmer, slower flow.

During my classes, I aim to give my students a yoga experience where they can find healing on all levels and leave the mat feeling balance, refreshed and calm. I design my classes so that students feel supported throughout and variations are always available.

My classes are a mix of slow, mindful movement which stretches and strengthens the body. This is paired with meditation and breathwork for full body relaxation.

I am passionate about sharing the healing benefits of yoga with others and strive to provide a safe, welcoming space to practice yoga both online and in-person.

Find out more, or get in touch:

Instagram: @emmaleighyoga

Facebook: Emma Leigh Yoga

Email: emleighyoga@gmail.com 

Website: https://emmaleighyoga.simplybook.it/v2/