Vicky Jennings

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Qualifications:

200 hour Vinyasa Flow, 40 hour Yin and Mindfulness Meditation

My background:

I initially found yoga through my climbing and with my background in climbing coaching I have come to know the benefits of yoga for body and mind. I always find my sport mirrors my life. Just as yoga has had a huge impact on my sport it has had an absolutely transformational effect on my mental health. These are the reasons I am so passionate to share yoga with others.

As well as my coaching background I have also come from working in science, and found yoga so beneficial for such a stressful job. I am now studying herbal medicine alongside teaching. I love the holistic approach to wellness and the important role yoga plays in that. I enjoy being outdoors, climbing, running, swimming, cycling, gardening and I take every opportunity I can to practice yoga outside.

I am inspired by nature and freedom I find from movement. In my classes I like to blend mindful and intuitive movement. I love how yoga allows you to explore your body and mind, while having fun at the same time. How it gives you the opportunity to drop from your mind into your body and that much needed headspace to just be.

My yoga:

I completed my yoga teacher training last year through Yoga Hero. I loved both the anatomy and philosophy sections of the course as I found it fascinating to see how these areas were linked to what I know from coaching and sports psychology. As well as how the philosophy relates to our life and wellbeing. I loved the training at Yoga Hero as it was an opportunity to learn so much from the teachers and also allowed me to meet the most amazing group of trainee teachers.

Since qualifying at Yoga Hero I have gone on to complete my Yin and Mindfulness Meditation training. I have been teaching Yoga for Climbers, Vinyasa Flow, Mandala Flow and Yin Yoga both online and in person and I volunteer for Inkwell Arts Leeds Mind teaching a regular class for them.

What I offer:

The styles of yoga I teach are Vinyasa Flow, Mandala Flow, Beginners, Slow Flow, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. I teach these in class or 1:1 format. I also offer specific 1:1s with a focus on yoga for sport, both for cross training to improve your physical performance and to help you with the psychological aspects of your sport.

Find out more, or get in touch:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vickyjennings.yoga

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