The Clear and Confident Yoga Teacher

Led by Holly Mcfee 

A 30 day transformational course to become completely clear on who you are as a yoga teacher, and be confident, ready and excited to share your offering with your yogis.

Being clear

Knowing who you are as a yoga teacher, and who you want to teach, comes from combining your background, expertise and passions. You might not feel like there’s much in your background that relates to you. You might feel that you’re certainly not an expert in something.

We beg to differ.

The Clear and Confident Yoga Teacher sees potential in you, and will tease out that sweet spot where you have something unique, something very you, something you’re passionate about, to offer your yogis.

Being confident

Lacking in confidence is very common in the yoga teaching world. Confidence comes from knowing your craft, and knowing your craft comes from knowing your sweet spot. Expect to be filled with passion, enthusiasm and confidence to share your unique yoga, in your own way, with people who really need it… and lack of confidence becomes a thing of the past!

The plan

This 30 day course combines practical exercises, self-belief techniques and a daily yoga sadhana to give you the clarity and confidence you need as a yoga teacher.

Starting by defining your personal sadhana and setting it up as a daily practice, we then move in to defining and acknowledging your biggest hold ups. Where do you lack confidence, and why? What are you anxious about, and why? Where do you need to take care of yourself more, any why?

In this unique course, ambition meets accountability, as we share the outcomes of each practice and subsequent the intentions formed, and a plan of how we’ll meet those intentions.

By the end of the 30 days, you will:

  • Have a crystal clear understanding of who you are as a yoga teacher, and who you want to teach
  • Know who your yogis are, what they need from you, and how to connect with them
  • Have a toolkit to overcome future confidence wobbles and understand why people need, and want, to be taught yoga by YOU! 
  • Be the proud owner of a knockout yoga bio (easily one of the hardest things to write, isn’t it!) which solidifies who you are, and what your yoga offering encompasses 
  • Be confident talking about your yoga offering in a way that won’t make you cringe! 
  • Be ready, enthusiastic and passionate to share your yoga with the world


Starts 1st October 2023.

Flexible schedule at your own pace


The price for the online yoga teacher training course is £775

Yoga Hero graduates get 20% off!

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    Course Leader

    Holly Mcfee

    Holly Mcfee is the owner of Yoga Hero Ltd. Holly has been practicing yoga since 2010, and teaching since 2013. Holly embarked upon her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training here in Leeds, and after balancing a full time job and teaching yoga for just six months, went full time in to teaching.

    In August 2015 Holly opened the Yoga Hero studio in Leeds Dock, and in June 2017 this studio expanded to become one of the largest dedicated yoga spaces in the North of England.

    Holly’s experience in opening two busy studios, and years of self-employment, will be shared to help trainees build a thriving yoga business, should you wish to. Holly is an experienced Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa Flow and Yin teacher, and the diversity across these disciplines combined with her passion for spreading the benefits of yoga, and her dedication to make teachers be the best they can be, mean that teacher trainees will receive a vital combination of learning about the many aspects of yoga practice, philosophy, and teaching.

    Aside from teaching and practising yoga, Holly loves to walk her pug, see friends and family, have the odd beer and explore the world.

    About Yoga Hero

    300 hour teacher training

    Yoga Hero has been established since March 2013. Initially, classes were ‘popping up’ in church halls, arts galleries, cafes, skateparks… you name it! Over time, we eventually found a beautiful home in Leeds Dock.

    Yoga Hero has three studios, one with a capacity of up to 80, one with a capacity of 20, and the third is perfect for small private groups or one to one sessions. At Yoga Hero, we offer everything from Introduction to Yoga Courses, Pay As You Feel Classes, up to 200 hour Foundation Teacher Training Qualifications and Further Training, such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and much more!

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