Majorcan Flow & Restore Yoga Immersion and Training

Majorcan Flow & Restore Yoga Immersion and Training

Have you ever thought about becoming a yoga teacher?

…Maybe the idea has crossed your mind, but you’re not quite sure if it’s for you….

This Flow & Restore Yoga Immersion is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the water; immersing yourself in all of yoga, without embarking on a full yoga teacher training. 

The immersion

A full week of immersing yourself in yoga; in anatomy, in yoga philosophy and in the physical practice of yoga asana in the Majorcan countryside with Holly Mcfee and Susi Wick. 

The training

If you’ve got the bug, and want to continue your journey to become a fully qualified yoga teacher, you can join the final four blocks of any future Vinyasa Flow training at Yoga Hero.

“I am so happy I chose Yoga Hero to complete my 200 hour teacher training. I loved every minute. Holly is so skilled at breaking down big topics of anatomy and philosophy into manageable chucks. The atmosphere, the studio facility, the fellow trainees and other teachers were all amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience! THANK YOU!”

– Jenna HS

The yoga immersion plan

Majorcan Immersion: The plan

We have a truly wonderful seven days planned for you in Majorca. Let’s take a sneak peek!: 

☕️ Morning tea, coffee and fruit

Fuel as you need it. (Very delicious fuel).

🧘‍♀️ Morning meditation

Including breathing practice and optional journalling time.

Starting the day this way is like taking a shower for your mind; clearing away the fuzziness of sleep and dreams and getting focused and calm for the day ahead. Whether you’re an experienced meditator, or you’re considering starting a meditation practice, you’re welcome here. As part of our immersion; we’ll take you through some different techniques and styles; to add to your meditation tool box or to find a technique that suits you to start a regular, consistent and beneficial practice. 

☀️ Solar yoga flow

A delicious yoga practice to fire up the body and mind ready for a day of immersing!

Either Susi or Holly will lead you through a solar flow… What is a solar flow? 

Solar refers to the ‘Ha’ of Hatha. The yang of yin and yang. The activating part of us; the energising, ambitious, on the go. You can expect to be guided through a practice that will activate and energise, and that will challenge you; that might be physically, mentally, or both. But worry not. Susi and Holly both take great pride in balancing the challenge in their classes with compassion; you’ll never feel left behind (because you’ll never be left behind.). Expect variations for your energy level and intention so you can build a solar flow that’s perfect for how you’re feeling each day. 

Our intention is that each class will help you deepen the connection with your body, with how strong you are (probably stronger than you think) and will help you find the balance we all strive for; that balance between activation and relaxation. 

We will also invite you to experiment with inversions – such as headstand and handstand, and arm balances – such as crow, as and when you feel ready. There’s always somewhere to take your asana practice and we can’t wait to explore that with you!

🥐 Brunch

Yummy! Need we say more?!

🦴 Applied anatomy

Learn why we move the way we move, how to stay safe and how to modify, change and amplify your asana practice.

There are so many factors that influence why, and how, the body moves; including (but not limited to) the skeleton, the fascia, the muscles, movement patterns off the mat, mental health and intention. 

Our applied anatomy study will be completely focused on helping you understand your body and working to build a consistent yoga practice that works for your body. If you then go on to teach, this important foundation of understanding will underpin how to find, and guide, safe movement in your yogis’ bodies. 

Expect your applied anatomy study to be inspiring, clear and uncomplex. And (dare we say it…?!) fun!

🏊‍♀️ Siesta and snacks

Sunbathing, swimming, sleeping, snacking, it’s up to you, yogi!

🤓 Asana clinic

Taking an asana (a pose) and breaking it down; how to set it up, what to look for in the pose, safety and alignment cues, increasing the challenge and more! 

The asana clinics are a foundational part of being able to create a consistent, beneficial self practice. In classes, we very rarely get the time to explore the ‘proper’ alignment of a pose; never mind all the options for paring the pose back for days when you’re stiff, or tired, or both. And ways to increase the challenge of the pose for when you’re feeling alive and ready for a challenge. 

We’ll mix up poses that you’ll likely practice all the time, like Downward Facing Dog, Mountain pose, Bridge pose and more, with some inversions and arm balances and some less common but vitally beneficial poses too. 

Just like with our applied anatomy study, if you go on to train to be a yoga teacher with us; this important base of knowledge will be built on to teach your yogis the asanas that we’ve covered. 

🌙 Lunar yoga practice

Susi or Holly will guide you through a calming, slow, divine yoga practice using yin, restorative or yoga nidra (or all three!), allowing the mind to settle and consolidating the day’s learnings.

Just as our solar flow was the activating part; this lunar yoga is the relaxation part. Here, the balance is restored. Your job here is to let go and let Susi or Holly lead you to peace. Expect plenty of props, deep comfort and a journey inwards. Bliss.

🌮 Dinner 


Majorca yoga deckchairs by pool square

    Flow and Restore

    This immersion is designed for you the yoga pracitioner and you the potential yoga teacher, let’s take a look:


    This aspect of the immersion is for you both as a yoga practitioner and a potential future yoga teacher. The flow aspect encompasses the ‘yang’ of a physical yoga practice; everything that is activating, arousing, energising and confidence boosting. The movements, breathing techniques and more that challenges you, and shows you what you’re capable of (usually more than you think!).

    Expect to learn how to build flows so that whether you’re practicing at home, or you’re creating a flow for a taught class, you can respond to an intention, a theme, an energy level, or all three!


    This aspect of the immersion is for you as a yoga practitioner. There’s a real beauty in calming the nervous system down before learning something (whether that’s something about yoga, something about yourself, or both!).

    The details


    Saturday 20th – Saturday 27th July 2024


    The investment is £1,950

    Payment plan available: £475 non-refundable deposit, then £200 per month.


    To gain your 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training certificate, first go through our application process, then upgrade from immersion to training for £1,875.

    Meet your teachers


    I’m Holly – owner of Yoga Hero and the lead teacher on our 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher training. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2013, and for many of those years, have run the Yoga Hero studio; meeting teachers from all traditions, lineages, never mind body sizes, ages, backgrounds…

    Hosting this special immersion and training with Susi Wick brings together my passions; helping people realise their potential (it’s cheesy but it’s true!), yoga beyond just the asana and a bit of travel. This is set to be a wonderful, introspective, inspiring experience, and I hope you can join us!

    Susi is an absolute ray of sunshine. No doubt you’ll have been to her classes already, but if you haven’t, Susi is a master at nudging you towards the edge of your comfort zone, but in a way that you feel completely at ease, and supported, and rewarded. Susi’s classes are dynamic and playful with a strong focus on strengthening & conditioning both body and mind. She believes in the positive benefits yoga can bring to your life, like more energy throughout the day, better sleep and ease in finding happiness and positivity in life. 

    On our imersion, Susi will lead our sequencing lectures; helping our trainees break down working up to a peak pose, working with a specific area of the body, how to add layers, levels and challenges so that everyone attending your classes can enjoy it immensely and find their own way within the sequence.

    Susi will impart her experience and wisdom on alignment cueing, making all your yogis feel at home in your classes and teaching straight from the heart.

    About the Majorcan Finca

    Situated in the south of Mallorca, Spain, we will be staying in an authentic mediterranean style retreat finca set in luscious gardens which naturally create their own private spaces and corners ideal for resting, meditating or reading… to the sound of running water from the fountains or the singing of the birds at sunset.

    This finca and yoga holiday home is the peaceful and beautiful location only a 30 minute drive from the airport and cosmopolitan Palma. Enjoy south Mallorca´s best beaches and poetic coastal villages only 20 minutes away.

    The finca offers a generous space with diverse terraces, swimming pool, barbeque area and chillout with sunbeds and hammocks under the trees in the fresh breeze and shade.

    A palm tree courtyard connects the main house to the terraces and the yoga hall which is fully equipped with yoga materials such as yoga mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters, belts and chairs.

    What’s included in this immersion:

    • Two yoga classes per day, led by Susi, Holly, or both
    • Your immersion or training manual
    • 7 nights accommodation
    • Refreshment and food for the time at the Finca – dietary requirements will be catered for
    • Yoga equipment

    What’s not included:

    • Flights
    • Transfers to the Finca
    • Any additional activities
    • Your writing equipment (note books, pens etc)
    • Travel insurance

    What our graduates say…

    “I loved this course so much. The teachers were so knowledgable, open, kind and down to earth. Because of this, everything we were learning seemed less intimidating and more manageable. The atmosphere and sense of support and community was so great. I’m so sad that it’s ended.
    Thank you so much.”

    I absolutely loved the course- loved that we got to spend time with different teachers, got different topics to go through, had free membership, get discount on courses, have amazing support network, have had so much support from everyone, thank you so much for all you help!

    -Kate C

    Wow! I have just finished the first eight-day block of Yoga Hero teacher training. We’ve learnt SO much already, and yet somehow, Holly made it all easy to digest and I think that’s because of her calm, knowledgeable teaching style. I’m one of the oldies (52) and came to the course full of doubt about whether I was capable of ever being a yoga teacher. I now believe that I absolutely am.

    -Jenn C

    Yoga Alliance Professionals

    Terms and Conditions

    The upgrade to 200 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training is subject to our training terms and conditions, which you can read here >

    The deposit payment is non-refundable.

    You are responsible for any and all transport arrangements

    Please ensure you have valid travel insurance in place

    Cancellation and refund policy

    Should you need to cancel your place, the following policy applies:

    * Prior to 3 months days of training start date: 75% of your payment refunded, not including the deposit

    * Prior to 2 month days of training start date: 50% of your payment refunded, not including the deposit

    * Prior to 1 month of of training start date: 25% of your payment refunded, not including the deposit

    * Less than 1 month of training start date: No refund.

    Any cancellations must be sent in writing to Yoga Hero or to holly@yogahero.co.uk. No evidence is required.