Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training

50 hours

Saturday 6th – Wednesday 10th May, 8:30 – 4:30

Led by Angela Jervis-Read

Leading researchers in the field of PTSD, like Peter Levine Phd. and Dr. Van Der Kolk, often cite yoga as an effective healing tool for those suffering from the aftermath of a traumatic event(s). In this program, we will explore WHY yoga is such an effective tool to regain a healthy sense of Self after life’s challenging moments.

A growing body of research supports what yogis have known since ancient times. Yoga helps to:

  • Reset the nervous system – facilitating our capacity for RESILIENC
  • Concentrate the mind in the here and now, liberating you from the unchangeable past and the unpredictable future
  • Transform the energy of pain into a powerful force that carries you past the act of passive coping into the realm of thriving
  • Untangle the impressions left by a distressed mind from the tissues of the body

Who is This Program Good For?

This course is for:

  • Those who want to understand trauma for their own personal development
  • Healthcare providers; psychotherapists, social workers, nurses, that would like to incorporate yoga techniques into their practice
  • Yoga teachers, to expand their existing knowledge, to serve these specific populations

Course Content

  • What is Resilience?
  • What is trauma and when does it become post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?
  • How does trauma impact society?
  • History of trauma therapy
  • What do yoga and psychotherapy have in common?
  • Approaches to Healing  – Top down and bottom up
  • How does trauma affect the nervous system?
  • Chakras and Myofascial Memory – How is trauma stored in the tissues of the body?
  • Polyvagal theory – Dr. Porges
  • The Window of  Tolerance, the Gunas, and theory of Yin and Yang
  • How we can use the Five Elements (Wuxing) to understand and heal PTSD?
  • Mindfulness – meditation as a path to understanding
  • Buddhism, non-attachment and the power of Presence
  • Techniques to avoid triggering your students/patients
  • Coming home – grounding, orienting and healing dissociation
  • Special considerations while working with specific populations ( youth, women, veterans, prisoners etc)
  • Sequences and techniques (postures, breath work and visualization) for people at various stages of healing and integration
  • Āsana will include various forms of hatha yoga like vinyasa, Iyengar, yin and restorative

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    Saturday 6th – Wednesday 10th May, 8:30 – 4:30 


    The price for this 50 hour course is £775

    The price for Yoga Hero teacher trainees and graduates is £700

    Payment in instalments is available.

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    Yoga Hero Leeds Studio 2

    Daily Schedule

    8:30am – 12:30pm – Theory, and Applied Techniques and Practices

    12:30pm – 1:30pm – Lunch

    1:30pm – 3:00pm – Theory

    3:15pm – 4:30pm – Led Class by Angela

    Self Care and Community Impact

    As we explore this material together it is very important to take care of yourself.

    Seeking to understand pain, and its potential to become a positive and transformative power, is an admiral pursuit. You’ve chosen to explore an area of humanity that is often rejected and avoided. Sadly, this is why so many people continue to act from a place of pain, rather then having the courage, and know how, to face it. ‘You have to feel it to heal it’, is a common expression these days in the science of PTSD recovery. Your pain is your teacher, and it has the capacity to incite growth and harmony, not just in your own life, but in all of your relationships.

    There is an overwhelming correlation between PTSD and substance abuse, violence and other crime, depression, anxiety, self harm and suicide. Imagine what the world would look like if each person had an opportunity to process their sorrow, their anger, and their fear? Prisons would be less populated, drug use would diminish, family life would improve, and communities would come together.

    No one on Earth is outside of the field of trauma. Whether you have experienced a traumatic experience yourself, you are close to someone who is suffering or you are part of a community that is in pain, pain is not contained – it radiates out, and we all feel the effects. Each person has their own work to do, no one can look at the light of the moon for you. And this you know, and that’s why you are reading this.

    That being said, this is difficult work to do. One must work slowly, and seek community and support in whatever way suits you. During this program I suggest that you make time for some of the following activities to process what may arise during our studies:

    • This work goes hand in hand with talk therapy – having a professional to talk to may be wise, depending on where you are starting from
    • Get outside – nature is our greatest healer. Make time for a walk, before or after our day
    • Take a bath, go for a massage or manicure – touch is a great healer, when used safely
    • Watch a funny movie, play with your pet or your children, call a friend – laugh!
    • Dance and theatre have been shown to be a very effective way to process intense emotion. Put on your favourite playlist and shake it out.
    • Creative endeavours like painting and drawing are effective means to release whatever bubbles up to the surface.
    • Meditate – if you can, sit and breathe and watch the waves rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall

    Course Leader

    Angela Jervis-Read

    Angela Jervis Read Yin Cobra

    Angela Jervis-Read E-RYT 500 has been immersed in the world of yoga since 1998. She stumbled upon the science while seeking out a way to manage her chronic back back. Within a only a few months of practising her physical pain and attitude towards life had shifted dramatically. It was at this time, that she realized, that her mission in life was to spread the magic of yoga around the world.

    Known as a pain specialist , Angela’s intuitive nature fuels her ability to manipulate the relationship between mind and body. She holds a private practice in Toronto, where she works one-on-one with people suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, arthritis, repetitive strain injuries and other mental and physical discomforts. Compassion and kindness define her approach, setting her clients at ease — allowing for the greatest potential for change.

    Sought out by studios around the globe, Angela leads international teacher trainings, retreats and workshops in the both the yin and vinyasa traditions.   She contributes to health and wellness magazines, has appeared on national television networks, speaks at conferences and is currently completing her first book.

    Inspirations both and on and off the mat are: Jeannine Woodall, Hali Schwartz, Sarah Powers, Tom Myers and Rishi Sudhir of the Sampoorna Yoga School in Goa – India.

    Who is this course for? 

    • Those who would like to understand the nature of trauma for their own personal development
    • Healthcare providers like psychotherapists, social workers, nurses or parol officers, that would like to incorporate yoga techniques into their practice
    • Yoga teachers, who would like to expand their already existing knowledge, to serve these specific populations

    Register your interest for Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training

      Ready to book your space?

      Confirm your place with a deposit payment of £177.50, using the button below. Super simple!

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      Coronavirus Contingency Planning 

      As of 9th April 2020

      Should social distancing and / or lock down measures be in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, we will offer part, or all, of this course online, using ‘Zoom software’; or something similar.

      Our priority would be to hold the teacher training altogether in the Yoga Hero studio, however, should part or all of the training move online, it’s great to know that there are many benefits to attending an online training including:

      • You get to attend from your own home, so no travelling each morning and evening
      • We’re able to share slides with images and text in a digestible format
      • There’s real clarity to all the information
      • You’re able to record lectures for future reference

      If part or all of the training will be held online, in advance of the training, we will hold a ‘test’ online session for all to attend; to get a feel for the software and for the format. It can feel alien at first to consider learning online, but we’ve experienced great success with this so far.

      Our Teacher Training team will keep you posted at all stages, and if learning online is not something that works for you, we would happily postpone your place to a future training.

      Course Policy Documentation

      Please note that this course is subject to our Course Policy Documentation, please read >

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