Yoga Hero Graduate: Parisa Zare

Parisa Zare

200 Hour Vinyasa Flow

Parisa’s background:

I discovered yoga to compliment running and soon found it my escapism. Yoga has taught me acceptance in some difficult times, having been diagnosed with MS at 21, but I attribute my stable condition to a regular yoga practice and aim to show students how much of a healer it is!

And with this acceptance, one of the most valuable lessons yoga has taught me is stillness: just to observe things as they are. Yogic philosophy, in particular the Yoga Sutras, have been key to my understanding of yoga, stopping the mental chatter and in turn, as Sutra 1.2 defines, the cessation of thought.

Parisa’s yoga:

Wanting to take this path for a while, I enrolled in the September 2020 course and I am still amazed by the wealth of knowledge gained in this life-changing journey. My development as a person, not just a “yogi”, is beyond what I thought possible in just a few months. Throughout training I found the most liberating aspect the philosophy, having been completely drawn to it from day one and have found I now approach my asana practice with more profoundness. 

Movement has never felt so intuitive and as a yoga teacher I want my students to feel this in class, realising that I am only guiding them to move their bodies in a way that feels natural to them. We all have our own reasons for coming to the mat and my aim for all students is simply to receive what they need; what brings them to the mat that day, and what they can take off the mat.

If you are interested in YTT I cannot recommend Yoga Hero enough! It was the most incredible experience with the most fantastic group of women who I am now blessed to call my friends.

What Parisa offers:

Throughout lockdown 2.0 I have been offering weekly classes in conjunction with some studios based in Leeds.

From January 2021 onwards I will be doing weekly online classes, open to all. I also offer corporate yoga and 121s.

My classes focus on dynamic and intuitive movement, with an emphasis on powerful flows for strengthening your body and mind.

Find out more, or get in touch:

Instagram: @parisa_zare_yoga

Facebook: Yoga with Parisa (COMING SOON!) 

Phone: 07427641934

Email: parisazareyoga@gmail.com