Yoga Hero’s 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course

September – November 2023

Have you ever thought about becoming a Yoga Teacher? Yoga Hero’s 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course is perfect for anyone who would like to explore a career in teaching yoga, or would like to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga.

Our Yoga Hero Teacher Training Course will focus on safety first; how to help students modify for their energy levels, strength and flexibility at each moment. A focus on safety throughout each practice keeps both student and instructor mindful and present.

Secondary to that is improvement; personal, professional, mental and physical improvement. At Yoga Hero, we believe every time you step on your yoga mat; it’s a hero move. It can be easy to turn on the telly, or go to the pub, so the decision to yoga or meditation instead, is the work of a hero! Every time you decide to do your yoga, or your meditation, or both, it’s a huge contribution towards that continual improvement.

We all have strength to build, or patience to cultivate, or philosophy to learn, or alignment to understand. As Yoga Heroes, understanding and respecting this is stage 1, and working towards your own personal and professional improvement is stage 2; which lasts a lifetime.

Course Information

Our course covers:

  • Philosophy, Mantra and Meditation
    • Including study of the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita
    • The importance of Mantra
    • Meditation; techniques, and the importance of a regular practice
  •  Asana
    • Including setting up for, coming out of, and time in, key asanas
    • Modifications, variations and adjustments for key asanas
  • Anatomy
    • Understand ‘safety first’
    • How our Yoga practice and specifically the breath affects our nervous system
    • Key muscles, bones, joints and actions in the body
    • Understanding fascia; connective tissue, and it’s importance in our yoga practice
  • Pranayama
    • Teaching pranayama (breathing) techniques
    • Developing a pranayama practice
  • Teaching methodology
    • Determining the most effective learning methodology for you
    • Creating scripts for key poses and sequences
    • Learning how to demonstrate key poses
    • Learning how to work with diversity within class attendees, such as age, physical and mental wellness and experience of yoga
    • Leading Pay As You Feel classes in the Yoga Hero studio with an experienced instructor attending, who will provide constructive feedback for continuous improvement
  • The importance of being a yoga teacher (with ‘How to’)
    • Understanding insurance
    • Being self-employed and organised
    • Making a living
    • Being business-like and yogic!

The benefits of Yoga Hero’s Teacher Training Course

Yoga Hero has provided an environment for teacher trainees to gain experience since the opening of the studio over two years ago.

Our timetabled ‘Pay As You Feel’ classes are specifically designed to cultivate a space where trainee instructors can practice teaching people with a variety fitness levels, experience of yoga, whilst refining their style, their instructions, and their adjustments, under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

These Pay As You Feel classes will be available to teach by trainees on our Teacher Training Course, so you can start getting experience, and getting paid, as soon as we, and you, feel that you are ready.

Additionally, Yoga Hero teacher trainees and graduates receive discounted prices to all our other teacher trainings, such as our Restorative Teacher Training, Yin Teacher Training, Childrens’ Teacher Training, plus you receive discounts on our Anatomy Hero workshops and Knowledge Hero workshops. Want to know more? Just get in touch!

This is a really amazing opportunity to kick start your new career in one of the biggest, and busiest, yoga studios in the North of England!

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    All dates are 2023:

    Block 1: Saturday 2nd – Saturday 9th September – 8:30am – 5:30pm

    Block 2: Thursday 28th September – Sunday 1st October – 8:30am – 5:30pm

    Block 3: Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th October – 8:30am – 5:30pm

    Block 4: Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th November – 8:30am – 5:30pm

    Block 5: Friday 17th – Sunday 19th November – 8:30am – 5:30pm


    The price for the course is £2,750

    This can be paid in installments.

    Payment options

    Yoga Hero Leeds Studio 2

    £375 non-refundable deposit needed to secure your space
    Balance of £2,375 due within 28 days of your deposit payment


    £375 non-refundable deposit to secure your space
    Six monthly payments of £420
    Please note this options incurs an administration fee, which is included in the monthly payment amount, and must be set up within 28 days of your deposit payment.

    What’s Included?

    Yoga Hero Teacher Trainees will receive complimentary Yoga Hero Membership for the duration of the course. Yoga Hero Membership includes *all* in-house classes, workshops and courses!

    Teacher Trainees will also receive a massive 50% offYoga Hero Membership from the date of payment of the non-refundable £350 deposit, lasting until the course start date.

    Also included is your qualification (on successful assessment), your qualification certificate, non-compulsory teaching hours for the Pay As You Feel classes at Yoga Hero, teacher training manual, use of yoga equipment whilst at the Yoga Hero studio

    Please note that the investment costs do not include any transportation, food, accommodation, yoga equipment to take away with you or anything else not explicitly stated above.


    Am I too old? ⁠
    In short, no. Absolutely not! We’ve had graduates enjoy the course, pass the assessment criteria with flying colours and go on to teach in their 60’s. In fact, it’s important that we do have yoga teachers who are in their more senior years, who can teach yogis who are in *their* more senior years.⁠
    So no, however old you are, you’re not too old!⁠

    Do I need to have a certain level of flexibility?⁠
    Absolutely not – in fact, we think it really helps to have your own challenges that you’re working on in your practice, we think this makes it easier to connect with your yogis!⁠

    How much prior knowledge do I need? ⁠
    Everything that you already know, will be of use in the training, and when you teach yoga if you decide to. That said, we teach everything that you need to know!⁠

    Will I be able to teach straight after completing the training?⁠
    With our course, we’re confident that you will. Our trainees teach each other the entire way through the training, so it starts to feel like second nature, and towards the end of the training, we encourage you to teach the general public with our careful and nurturing guidance. ⁠

    What happens if I miss any of the course? ⁠
    Believe it or not, life continues to happen even while we do our trainings! We have a solid system in place to catch you up with revisiting content and extra homework if you miss a day or two, or to look at extra tuition if you miss more. ⁠

    Does the course include any training on the commercial side of yoga?⁠
    Yes absolutely. We’re really passionate about yoga teachers feeling secure in their income, being healthy, nourished and well-rested, and a lot of that comes from setting up, and running a yoga business, well. ⁠

    Is payment in one charge, before the course? ⁠
    It can be, or payment can be made over a period of six months; just whatever works best for you!⁠

    Yoga Hero Teacher Training Graduates

    Coronavirus Contingency Planning 

    Updated 9th April 2020

    Should social distancing and / or lock down measures be in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, we will offer part, or all, of this course online, using ‘Zoom software’; or something similar.

    Our priority would be to hold the teacher training altogether in the Yoga Hero studio, however, should part or all of the training move online, it’s great to know that there are many benefits to attending an online training including:

    • You get to attend from your own home, so no travelling each morning and evening
    • We’re able to share slides with images and text in a digestible format
    • There’s real clarity to all the information
    • You’re able to record lectures for future reference

    If part or all of the training will be held online, in advance of the training, we will hold a ‘test’ online session for all to attend; to get a feel for the software and for the format. It can feel alien at first to consider learning online, but we’ve experienced great success with this so far.

    Our Teacher Training team will keep you posted at all stages, and if learning online is not something that works for you, we would happily postpone your place to a future training.

    Watch our free masterclass about yoga teacher training

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    Everything you ever wanted to know about yoga teacher training (and were afraid to ask!)

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      Course Leaders

      Holly Mcfee

      Holly Mcfee is the owner of Yoga Hero Ltd. Holly has been practicing yoga since 2010, and teaching since 2013. Holly embarked upon her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training here in Leeds, and after balancing a full time job and teaching yoga for just six months, went full time in to teaching.

      In August 2015 Holly opened the Yoga Hero studio in Leeds Dock, and in June 2017 this studio expanded to become one of the largest dedicated yoga spaces in the North of England.

      Holly’s experience in opening two busy studios, and years of self-employment, will be shared to help trainees build a thriving yoga business, should you wish to. Holly is an experienced Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga teacher, and the diversity across these disciplines combined with her passion for spreading the benefits of yoga, her dedication to make teachers be the best they can be and her ongoing study of philosophy, anatomy and asana, mean that teacher trainees will receive a vital combination of learning about the many aspects of yoga practice, philosophy, and teaching.

      Aside from teaching and practising yoga, Holly loves to walk her pug, see friends and family, have the odd beer and explore the world.

      Susi Wick

      Susi is an absolute ray of sunshine. No doubt you’ll have been to her classes already, but if you haven’t, Susi is a master at nudging you towards the edge of your comfort zone, but in a way that you feel completely at ease, and supported, and rewarded. Susi’s classes are dynamic and playful with a strong focus on strengthening & conditioning both body and mind. She believes in the positive benefits yoga can bring to your life, like more energy throughout the day, better sleep and ease in finding happiness and positivity in life. 

      But this hasn’t always been the case… Susi went to wonderful Costa Rica to undertake her 200 hour Teacher Training Course as a month intensive course, which she found an incredible experience, but lacking in the practice and methodology of teaching real people.

      When Susi returned to the UK, she found that some studios said she would need experience teaching in order to be able to teach yoga there. Bit of a catch-22 situation! Susi came to Yoga Hero, and together Susi and Holly worked together on a few Pay As You Feel classes, where Holly gave specific pointers to work on, around making the classes clear, accessible, and flow even better than they were. With that mentorship, more experience, and a life shift to encourage teaching from the heart, Susi’s classes have been loved by all since, in the nearly five years that Susi has taught yoga at Yoga Hero!

      On our training, Susi will lead our sequencing lectures; helping our trainees break down working up to a peak pose, working with a specific area of the body, how to add layers, levels and challenges so that everyone attending your classes can enjoy it immensely and find their own way within the sequence. Susi will impart her experience and wisdom on alignment cueing, making all your yogis feel at home in your classes and teaching straight from the heart.

      Jessica Gibbard


      Jess joined Yoga Hero’s teacher training in 2018, and hasn’t looked back since. Jess’s classes are so fluid and rewarding, they provide a real tool for getting out of your head and into your body. 

      Jess originally began practicing yoga in California, embedding it into her daily life upon realising the many mental and physical benefits. As a musician, Jess found that flowing, especially to music, was a valuable and expressive tool that could alter mood and energy levels, while also strengthening and releasing tension from the body. As a fully qualified school teacher with a masters degree in music, Jess was keen to translate her teaching and creativity skills to yoga.

      Jess will be bringing her breadth of teaching to our training; teaching our trainees how to project their voice to ensure their instructions are heard and comprehended by all in the class. This encompasses confidence (such a huge topic – it’s something we’ll work on throughout the training together), voice health and overcoming nervousness and stress. 

      Needless to say, these learnings are incredibly useful, not just for your yoga journey, but for your life as well!

      Naama Zusman

      Naama Zusman

      Naama is a Life & Career Coach, an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and a Mindset Expert. She specialises in guiding people from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to pursuing the work and experiences that will bring them deep meaning and purpose — in work, in life, & beyond.

      Naama started practising yoga in 2004, after her neighbour and yoga teacher invited her to join her yoga class suggesting it will help her improve her running. Almost two decades later, yoga has become more than a daily practice; it has become a way of living.

      In the midst of a disordered relationship with food and her body, feelings of low self esteem and unworthiness, yoga gave Naama a place to rest her overthinking mind. Through movement and breath she started developing a new connection with her body, a healthier one. The practice of Ashtanga yoga provided a safe place to look within and develop the strength in her to face her shadows, reclaim herself and strengthen her confidence.

      For Naama, yoga has been a journey into SELF. And that is exactly what she brings to both her coaching and her teaching. She inspires and challenges her clients and students to get out of their comfort zone and stretch their limits, while providing a safe space to explore, grow and deepen.

      “‘I came for a cup of tea & got the whole ocean’ — this has been my yoga journey. When we follow the nudges of our heart, not knowing exactly why or where the path is taking us, our life can unfold in beautiful ways we could have never imagined. We may discover the ocean. My hope is to give the opportunity and space for new teachers to explore their own oceans and the different ways they can hold that space for others, too”

      Rachel Gosling

      Rachel Gosling

      Rachel has been teaching yoga since 2012. She originally studied yoga as a tool to her own healing and to regain control of her health. In 2008, a lifetime of stress and culminated in an autoimmune condition that prevented her from moving at all, and it was from here that she really began to study the practice of yoga (which had been in her life for some time)

      She originally trained in London on a course called “The Embodied Dancer” which was a 300-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training which focussed on the therapeutic benefits of yoga for dancers. Since then, her fascination with the mind, body and soul connection has led her towards studying and teaching many other therapeutic styles of yoga, including, Well-Woman Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga. 

      Rachel loves nothing more than to help people to connect to themselves and find their own path to healing and wellness from within. On your teacher training course Rachel will be leading sessions around helping students to intuitively find movement to benefit their own bodies and suit their own needs at any particular time. She will focus on how to lead students to lead themselves and how to apply some of the therapeutic benefits of yoga within your classes.

      Meet some of our Yoga Hero Teacher Training graduates

      The teacher training course was everything I
      expected it to be and more.

      Holly and the team share their expert knowledge in an inclusive and empowering way and help you to become a competent and confident yoga teacher.

      They create a super welcoming, safe space so you can grow as a teacher and an individual. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more from the experience, it was wonderful!

      -Emma P
      If you are considering becoming a yoga teacher or would just like to deepen your knowledge of yoga for your own personal development, I cannot recommend yoga teacher training at Yoga Hero enough!

      The team cultivate an inspiring and safe space for the most incredible experience. You don’t just graduate with a wealth of knowledge, but also with fantastic like-minded friends, which makes this journey truly life-changing.

      – Parisa Zare
      I left Yoga Hero teacher training feeling totally ready to teach yoga and already part of a yoga community. I loved the way we were enabled to teach online classes regularly at the studio.

      Holly and team are clearly experts in all things yoga and being taught by such inspirational women made all the difference. I really feel they went above and beyond to make sure they were equipping us with the best tools to teach.

      The course was a perfect blend of philosophy, authenticity & physical Asana.

      – Ella Norman

      Alison Lane’s yoga teacher training: get the inside track!

      Alison wrote a blog post all about her yoga teacher training journey. Spoiler alert: Alison says “The course has completely changed my life. I love teaching yoga and sharing the benefits of it with others. I love learning about the history and philosophy of yoga. It’s astounding the wisdom that this ancient practice offers to our modern day lives! I now have the work/life balance I was looking for when I originally enrolled on the course.”

      Who is this course for?

      This course is open to anyone who has been practicing yoga for a minimum of two years.

      About Yoga Hero

      Yoga Hero has been established since March 2013. Initially, classes were ‘popping up’ in church halls, arts galleries, cafes, skateparks… you name it! Over time, we eventually found a beautiful home in Leeds Dock.

      Yoga Hero has three studios, one with a capacity of up to 80, one with a capacity of 20, and the third is perfect for small private groups or one to one sessions. At Yoga Hero, we offer everything from Introduction to Yoga Courses, Pay As You Feel Classes, up to 200 hour Foundation Teacher Training Qualifications and Further Training, such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and much more!

      About Leeds Dock

      Leeds Dock

      Yoga Hero is based in a beautiful part of Leeds called Leeds Dock. Leeds Dock is a 10 minute walk from Leeds Train Station, or there’s a free water taxi service between the train station and the Dock!

      Around Leeds Dock are many affordable hotels, such as:
      Holiday Inn Express (Two minutes’ walk)
      Jury’s Inn (Five minutes’ walk)
      Ibis (Five minutes’ walk)
      Malmaison (Ten minutes’ walk)

      There are also many very reasonably priced AirBnBs on the Dock

      Leeds is a quite small city with loads going on. The whole city is walkable by foot, probably 40 minutes’ walk from one end to the other at a steady pace. There’s many independent restaurants and cafes, with our favourite North Star Coffee Shop just two doors down from the studio, serving incredible coffee and food during the day.

      If you have any questions about Leeds; what to do, where to stay, or how to get here, just ask the team: hello@yogahero.co.uk // 07743513225

      Further course information including all policies >

      Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.