Tree Balance - Yoga in Goa

February – ‘Find the Balance’: The What and The Why

February’s theme is ‘find the balance’; a whole month of looking at balances in your yoga practice, such as Vrksasana – tree pose, or arm balances like crow pose or handstand, but also looking deeper, finding balance between exploring and staying still, between trying something new and sticking with what you know, between healthy and unhealthy, between awake and asleep, between activity and rest, between a crazy schedule and down time…

Balancing is one of the constants in yoga, in that it is constantly changing. We can feel this change in each practice. One day, you might come into Tree Pose and feel like you could stay there for days, and the next day you can barely get your foot up off the floor! Far from being demotivating, I find this concept humbling; a reminder that everything is in constant flux.

Tree Balance - Yoga in Goa

Whether you balance steady as a tree, or wobbly like jelly is not of interest. What is of interest is how you react how your stability or wobbles. If it’s wobbly like jelly, does this ignite frustration in you? If it’s steady as a rock, does this make you feel successful? Watching your own reactions to your own balances may give you insight to how you react to things that are out of your control in general life.

‘How can I get better at balancing?’ must be one of the things that I get asked the most. It is definitely possible to improve stability when balancing, because I feel much less wobbly now than I did when I first started yoga. But I think (know) that steadier balances are much more a credit to a steadier mind, than a stronger and more flexible body.

With that in mind; February’s classes and workshops look at meditation techniques, self-acceptance, complex sequences with the body – to strengthen neural pathways, as well as all-over-body strengthening and stretching to find balance between accepting what will be, will be and working towards self-improvement.

Find the Balance!

Written by Holly


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