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The benefits of yoga teacher training

Who is yoga teacher training for?

Anyone who has a passion for yoga and wants to develop their practice. Trainee teachers should have around two years solid practice.

Yoga teacher training goes beyond the postures, and you learn the anatomy and philosophy behind the practice. Training gives you the skills to listen to your body and to help others do so too. Once complete, you will be qualified to take classes, but training can be for your own practice.

Newly Qualified Yoga Teacher

How does yoga teacher training improve your own practice?

Teacher training courses teach you how to sequence, how to modify, and about the anatomy of the body and postures. Learning anatomy gives you a deeper understanding of your body and practice. Good courses also teach the philosophy of yoga and how to lead a more peaceful life.

What are the main reasons people choose yoga teaching?

We speak to many people who have improved their lives through yoga and want to share this with others. Trainee teachers get the opportunity to inspire people and follow their own dreams at the same time.

The benefits of yoga teacher training allow people to create better lives for themselves. You learn how to connect to your body, relax your mind and move with your breath. Teaching others is a rewarding job and provides many teachers with a happy work-life balance.

What are the benefits of teaching yoga?

The nature of yoga means people get different things from teacher training, personally and professionally. But broadly speaking, the benefits of teacher training are:

  • A deeper understanding of yoga beyond the poses
  • Learning how to sequence your practice
  • Learning how to safely modify postures
  • Knowledge of the anatomy of the body
  • The ability to share yoga with others
  • Learning how to live a more peaceful life
  • A clearer understanding of how life works!

What makes a good yoga teacher?

In our experience, a good yoga teacher is approachable, knowledgeable, and authentic to their passions and their background. You don’t need to be athletic or hyper flexible. Instead, yoga teachers listen to and understand their bodies and share this with others.

What are the long term benefits of yoga teacher training?

There is the opportunity to earn money as a teacher or volunteer your time teaching others. You may want to continue learning and expand your practice into further teaching.
Whilst being a yoga teacher has the potential to improve others’ lives, graduates say the knowledge gained has improved their own life. Graduates forever carry the skills to listen to their own needs and deeply connect with their body and their purpose in life.

Are you interested in training? We offer courses in Leeds based at our city centre studio. Get in touch for more information. You can view our yoga teacher training courses here.