demystifying the different styles of yoga

Demystifying the different styles of yoga

Have you ever wondered what the different styles of yoga are like? Here’s our guide!

Flow Yoga

All flow classes are sequences designed by your teacher, to work towards helping you feel a certain way; energised, relieved of stress, powerful, and so on


Rise & Shine Flow
Wake up the mind & body for the day ahead

Energising Vinyasa Flow
Balancing challenge and relaxation to help you feel refreshed, and energised!

Power Flow
A flow with zing! Feel energised, empowered and challenged

Yoga Flow for Stress Relief
Flow complete with simple, practical tools to help keep stress at bay

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is an uplifting style of yoga; flowing from one pose to another using the breath

The set Ashtanga sequence is followed each week, allowing yogis to notice and improvements in both strength and flexibility. A fabulous sequence, and lovely dynamic class.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a healing practice of long-held poses where muscles completely relax & surrender to allow us to access deeper layers of the body

These classes are designed to help you improve joint mobility in keys areas of tightness, cultivate flexibility and help you heal yourself by releasing deep seated tension.

Yin / Yang Yoga

Combining yin for relaxation & surrender, with yang – challenging (all levels welcome, of course) flow poses, for what many call the class that has everything!

Mind, Body, Soul Yoga

Think of this as your time efficient way to practice all of yoga, including physical yoga, meditation, breath work and some philosophy too.

Mum & Baby Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga is specially designed to nurture and nourish your baby, complete with gentle postures and postnatal yoga for mama and an opportunity to learn to relax with your baby, something which is so often overlooked in the modern world.

Unwind & Relax Yoga

Unwind your body and relax your mind; a beautiful, calming, and much needed class which focuses on full body relaxation, including short period of meditation to clear the mind, physical poses at a steady pace to release tension throughout the body and a deep relaxation to release stress and calm the mind