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STUDIO | Adjustments: A refresher for yoga teachers

21st May 2023 @ 13:30 - 17:30


STUDIO | Adjustments: A refresher for yoga teachers


As a yoga teacher; giving safe, beneficial adjustments to your yogis can be completely daunting… but you also know how wonderful it can be to receive a skilled, mindful, beneficial adjustment! So you’re torn, do you go for it, or not?!


Well that is exactly what this workshop is designed to help with.


We’ll cover:

  • Why offer adjustments?
  • Different types of adjustments, and the relevant contexts
  • Getting consent
  • How to approach your students when offering adjustments
  • Safely starting, administering and ending the adjustment
  • How students communicate with you
  • How to protect your own body

This is a refresher, so the asanas that we’ll focus on are asanas that you’re likely to be teaching regularly, so that the knowledge you gain can be immediately useful to your teaching. You’ll be guided through each adjustment, with key safety points to be aware of, before being able to practice these adjustments on others, plus receiving them yourself, with guidance and feedback from Holly, and from your fellow yogis.


Asanas covered:

  • Balasana – Child’s pose
  • Tadasana – Mountain pose
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog pose
  • Virabhadrasana 1 and 2 – Warriors 1 and 2
  • Utthita and Parivritta Parsvakonasana – Extended and Revolved Side Angle pose
  • Baddha Konasana – Bound angle pose
  • Paschimottanasana – Intense stretch to the west
  • Upavista Konasana – Seated wide angle forward fold
  • Savasana – Corpse pose


We can also take requests, so if there’s any asanas that you regularly teach, let us know, and we can look at adding these to the list.

The course was just what I needed and I got straight into hands on adjustments when I taught my class on Monday Morning! And I felt very confident in doing so! It was a perfect blend of theory and practice with some philosophy and as always wonderful instruction.

Thank you – I had the best time and have come away feeling inspired and refreshed.

– Ali M

Finally, we’ll also cover how to teach in a studio, to keep yourself safe, energised, inspired and mindful, whilst also providing the best possible experience for your yoga students!


No previous adjustment experience is necessary to join.


Expect to complete the workshop feeling confident, ready, and inspired to offer safe, beneficial to your yogis.


Come join us!






  • £75
  • £50 Yoga Hero graduates



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It’s not an exaggeration to say the adjustments workshop has totally transformed my teaching. I know navigating teacher training courses throughout various lockdowns won’t have been easy, but Holly has somehow managed to create something that just seamlessly ‘bolts on’ to any existing knowledge we had, so it just felt like a very natural continuation of my existing training.
The atmosphere from the very first minute was incredible – Holly definitely has a magical way of creating complete comfort and ease in any scenario. Also, being surrounded by fellow teachers sharing various levels of knowledge and experience was so helpful to me as a new teacher.
Admittedly I was nervous, at first ,to get hands on with adjustments. We worked together to go through any nerves or worries right from the start, addressing concerns and questions around consent among other common worries in real detail before getting started, so we all felt completely at ease with each other.
As always with Yoga Hero, the teaching was clear and concise, with plenty of opportunities throughout to put what we’d learnt into practice. Whether you’ve been teaching for a couple of months or a couple of years (or more!), I can’t recommend this course enough.
– Iain Ross


About Holly


” I absolutely love yoga; how it’s so accessible and beneficial to everyone from all walks of life. I became a yoga instructor in the hope of inspiring others to practice yoga; to enjoy its many benefits for the body and mind. My style very much focuses on the importance of the breath and on practising good alignment, as I see both as really important factors for a beneficial and enjoyable practice. Lively music forms a large part of my classes; I find it can be motivating as well as bringing some lightness to the classes.


I am qualified to teach Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, having studied Ashtanga in our fab home city of Leeds, and Rocket Yoga on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, and Vinyasa Flow in Goa, India.


Ultimately, I aim to encourage students to enjoy a decent body workout, whilst improving flexibility and of course, relaxing the mind with a rewarding savasana (relaxation) at the end of each class.”




Holly’s adjustment workshop was fantastic.

As a recently qualified yoga teacher and due to covid restrictions, teaching physical adjustments just hadn’t been possible.

I left Holly’s workshop with the knowledge and confidence to make physical adjustments in a class environment – safely and comfortably – for the student, and for me. It’s also made me fall in love with adjustments all over again.

Holly’s training ticked all the boxes and I’m now dreaming of savasana adjustments!

– Sonia Taylor


21st May 2023
13:30 - 17:30
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