Everything you ever wanted to know about yoga teacher training – Watch now

This video gives you insight in to yoga teacher training… the good, the bad, the ugly *and* the downright beautiful!

Have you ever thought about becoming a Yoga Teacher? Yoga Hero’s 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course is perfect for anyone who would like to explore a career in teaching yoga, or would like to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga.

Our Yoga Hero Teacher Training Course will focus on safety first; how to help students modify for their energy levels, strength and flexibility at each moment. A focus on safety throughout each practice keeps both student and instructor mindful and present.

Secondary to that is improvement; personal, professional, mental and physical improvement. At Yoga Hero, we believe every time you step on your yoga mat; it’s a hero move. It can be easy to turn on the telly, or go to the pub, so the decision to yoga or meditation instead, is the work of a hero! Every time you decide to do your yoga, or your meditation, or both, it’s a huge contribution towards that continual improvement.

We all have strength to build, or patience to cultivate, or philosophy to learn, or alignment to understand. As Yoga Heroes, understanding and respecting this is stage 1, and working towards your own personal and professional improvement is stage 2; which lasts a lifetime.

If you would like to join Yoga Hero for your teacher training, you might like to check out the following courses that we have coming up:

April – June 2023

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A day in the life of yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training is a dream for many people, and many people make it a reality – and rightly so! Sharing yoga is one of the most rewarding, warming jobs you can have and it can really help you deepen your yoga practice too.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some insight in to a day of yoga teacher training at Yoga Hero… 

Alison’s Yoga Teacher Training Journey

Many of our trainees found more peace through yoga and wanted to share this through teaching. Others are keen to immerse themselves in the learnings and practices of yoga without the intention of teaching. Some trainees are looking for an enriching experience and to learn about themselves.

We caught up with some of our alumni to find out how they found the course and what next steps they took once they graduated as qualified yoga teachers.

First up is Alison, who completed the 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training course with Yoga Hero. Alison is now a practising yoga teacher in Leeds and has since completed the 100 hour Advanced Philosophy, Sanskrit & Chanting course.


Am I too old?

In short, no. Absolutely not! We’ve had graduates enjoy the course, pass the assessment criteria with flying colours and go on to teach in their 60’s. In fact, it’s important that we do have yoga teachers who are in their more senior years, who can teach yogis who are in *their* more senior years.⁠
So no, however old you are, you’re not too old!⁠

Do I need to have a certain level of flexibility?⁠

Absolutely not – in fact, we think it really helps to have your own challenges that you’re working on in your practice, we think this makes it easier to connect with your yogis!⁠

How much prior knowledge do I need? ⁠

Everything that you already know, will be of use in the training, and when you teach yoga if you decide to. That said, we teach everything that you need to know!⁠

Will I be able to teach straight after completing the training?⁠

With our course, we’re confident that you will. Our trainees teach each other the entire way through the training, so it starts to feel like second nature, and towards the end of the training, we encourage you to teach the general public with our careful and nurturing guidance. ⁠

What happens if I miss any of the course? ⁠

Believe it or not, life continues to happen even while we do our trainings! We have a solid system in place to catch you up with revisiting content and extra homework if you miss a day or two, or to look at extra tuition if you miss more. ⁠

Does the course include any training on the commercial side of yoga?⁠

Yes absolutely. We’re really passionate about yoga teachers feeling secure in their income, being healthy, nourished and well-rested, and a lot of that comes from setting up, and running a yoga business, well. ⁠

Is payment in one charge, before the course? ⁠

It can be, or payment can be made over a period of six months; just whatever works best for you!⁠