Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are absolutely brilliant if you struggle to make it to timetabled classes, if you’re accommodating an injury, or if you’re brand new to yoga and want to be able to ask questions and get feedback within the class.

Take a look at our private yoga session instructors, have a good read of instructor bios and when you feel you’ve found the right teacher for you, simply reach out by pressing the book now button.

Private Instructors

Alex Russell

My classes involve lots of fluid movement working with the breath and moving into different shapes. I work from an inclusive and intuitive perspective when teaching, giving each participant time to see what feels good for them…


Anna Bennett (nee Hildreth)

Anna offers well-structured, dynamic and playful Vinyasa flow classes with Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin elements with the perfect balance of Indian traditions and the exercise bit! She is also a physiotherapist enabling her to safely guide anyone and everyone, with intelligent alignment cues and hands on assistance, through her sequences. Her classes are both energising and calming and always have a heartfelt breath focus to restore the harmony and balance of the body, mind and soul.

Bryony Carrigan

My yoga journey has taken me to India where I completed my 200hrs in Ashtanga Vinyasa in late 2019. During the months I travelled in India, I took the opportunity to absorb as much as I could about the practice in it’s birthplace. 

My flows are a reflection of my true nature, strong sequences focussing on creativity and self discovery.

Charlotte Jones

My style of teaching is dynamic and varied depending on who I am teaching. I have enjoyed teaching many beginners with wonderful feedback and lead mixed ability classes every week. If you are looking for some peace and calm and an opportunity to restore your mind or a more dynamic flow to mobilise the body then I would love to teach you!

Collette Davis

I work with individuals, including beginners, addressing their specific needs and requirements in a safe and calm environment with my gentle and
welcoming teaching style. I use Hatha and Yin postures on ascertaining student preferences, introducing Flow as appropriate. I guide students to be in
the moment, to move with the breath and to ‘let go’ and ‘just be’ in stillness, with clear concise instructions. 

Diana Woodhead

A late starter to yoga , did my 200 hours  vinyasa Flow at Yoga Hero when I was over 60 years old and love everything to do with Yoga, how it makes me feel, inside and out. I have continued with my studies through reading and taking extra trainings, both at Yoga Hero and external courses.

I offer an eclectic blend of yoga mindful slow practice with strength and flexibility. Yoga is accessible to all.

Eve Machin

My classes are dynamic and playful – helping you have fun, challenge yourself and find confidence in your movement. I encourage my students to find meditation in movement, connecting with their own bodies, breath and strength. My aim is for my students to come out my classes know they are stronger mentally and physically than they may have believed! 

Iain Ross

In my classes, you’ll find philosophy weaved in with a solid grounding in anatomy, plus all the cheerleading you may need. Above all else I encourage everyone to move in a way that quite simply feels good to them at that moment. Whether it’s a fiery flow or a grounding Yin practice, my job is to help people feel at home on the mat. To explore, be curious, connect to themselves and find a sense of pride – all the while knowing I’m there to support as much or as little as needed.

Jessica Gibbard

Jess’ classes are influenced by Vinyasa and Ashtanga practices, embedding knowledge learnt from her own teachers around the world, incorporating yin and restorative styles. Jess’ classes offer a dynamic flow teamed with calming postures to create a sense of fluidity and centering on the mat. With modifications offered throughout her classes and a focus on building awareness of the mind-body connection, Jess’ classes are open to all, enabling everyone to feel the many benefits of a holistic yoga practice.

Kath Hartley

My vinyasa classes are dynamic yet nourishing, with a focus on building strength and flexibility, whilst working with the breath to find focus and calm the nervous system. I also teach slower styles of yoga, geared towards finding deep rest and relaxation to help relieve stress. I’m a firm believer that yoga is for everyone, and I aim to make my classes as accessible as possible by offering variations for students to modify the practice to best suit their needs. 

Michelle Mangangeolles

Michelle is a certified and licenced Iyengar Yoga Teacher (qualifiying in 2007) and Iyengar Yoga practitioner, trained and nurtured by local senior teachers and members of The Iyengar family since finding Yoga in 1998. Iyengar Yoga is named so after Yogacharya Sri B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune, who developed a style of yoga which is attentive to correct alignment of the body. This form of practice is safe whilst improving your flexibility and strength.

Sophie Primrose

In my classes, you’ll be guided on a journey back to yourself. With a strong focus on listening into your intuition – of your body and of your mind and what you need in each moment, working with the breath to find stillness in the mind and be more in the moment, more in your body and less in your thoughts. With clear concise guidance I encourage students to let go fully and settle into presence.
With a fervent interest in yoga philosophy you will find philosophical concepts and teachings woven throughout my classes – making yoga philosophy and it’s teachings accessible and relatable to our every day life and struggles.

Susi Wick

My classes are dynamic and playful with a strong focus on strengthening and conditioning both body & mind. If you step onto the mat with me, you will get all my passion & encouragement. I will push you to not just work with your physical body but also to stay in constant connection with your heart and soul. There will always be space to bring whatever you are feeling that day. I believe in the positive benefits yoga can bring to your life. Benefits that include more energy throughout the day, better sleep and help in finding the tools to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Taylor Selby

“My goal as a teacher is to make my classes approachable through thoughtful and creative flows. I strive to energize and inspire you on the mat so that you leave the class feeling better than you did when you began. There is always a lighthearted approach with my classes, and with a 1-1 class I can truly cater the class to your needs, focusing on YOU!”